Melbourne Protests are GROWING – Parliament House


Parliament House, front steps. 27 October 2021

Written by Melbourne Ground


  1. To all of Australia you are living Man an living woman and under that Common Law becomes your rights you can stop all that by going to The Common Law Courts , everybody can register look it up it's online it's your rights'

  2. good – they need to know same as every country this is about a digi passport that will control our lives – its up to everyone if they do not want to be controlled as in China, to rise

  3. By blackmailing the people into an unwanted medical procedure, the government is declaring your own body to be THEIR PROPERTY!!!!
    By complying with the blackmailed mandates, you are AGREEING WITH THEM!!!! XO! RESIST WHILE YOU STILL CAN~!!!
    The Gulags are being built & the police have shown they will round you up & put you in them to keep their paychecks coming!!!

  4. How on earth can a prosperous nation sign away everything to 3rd world 🌍 countries and make them wealthier decades later ? Particularly China. It doesn’t make sense other than bolstering communism/Marxism.
    Unbelievable Stuff.

    That’s what the political traitors in Aus did.

    This is all connected under nwo. The transfer of wealth & industry to 🇨🇳 & others way back.

    ‘We the People’ is in the Australian Constitution and lawfully cannot be amended without ‘We the People’

    Not a single referendum has been held for decades and decades regarding the constitution.

    Only we the people can amend the Australian Constitution through public referendum but it seems these politicians over the years have been doing it unlawfully and the Australian Citizens have been none the wiser.

    It’s actually in the original Australian Constitution. Last it was amended by public referendum it was decades decades ago long ago included reference to God etc etc

    Since then politicians have messed about with it unlawfully.

    Canberra is now poison.

    It’s actually all connected to the old ussr playbook.
    United Nations is actually following the ussr handbooks publications.

  5. New employment ad in Melbourne, protester needed , no experience require. no common sense require, someone who have nothing else to do . No one is getting paid but we want donation . That's all they do everyday lol

  6. I don't even have children but it brought a tear to my eye, knowing what's coming & it's nothing good.
    If you don't believe look up agenda 2030 , everything happening now has been planned for a decade or more , make no mistake about it everything is on purpose now there are no coincidences anymore it's all been planned for a very long time

  7. I Just arrived china for work… I don’t see this madness over there and not many Chinese are even wearing masks. No vaccine mandate as well

  8. The Whole World IS Being Deceived"*
    ROMAN RC UK UN U.S. New World N_zi Ill_minati Order Corporation est: 1871
    *U.S. Corporation IS The New ROMAN Britannian British Empire Wake UP!!!

  9. Think back to 1980s and South Africa Aparthied, Segregating the Them & Us , Signs in Shops No Blacks Allowed , This is what your Government is Bringing Back Its Disgraceful Discrimination. Australian Government are being Instrumental in Bringing Back Dictatorship…. I feel really sorry for your Country. And the Police should be protecting the Public not a Dictatorship Government…. Love from the UK 🇬🇧

  10. Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States

    S V Subramanian et al. Eur J Epidemiol. 2021.

    From Harvard

  11. Really appreciate your work and sharing these videos. 👍🏻
    Maybe you should team up with Aussie Cossack in Sydney… band together to get more views. We need to get the truth of what's happening into the main narrative.

  12. We must fight we must resist , Its more than sovereignty over our body. Its sovereignty over our future our destiny , our child's future and destiny and our grand Childs future and destiny. For if we surrender we change the history of all man kind with our actions.