Melbourne RIGHT NOW – About To March

Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. Fantastic, just hope it's not too late considering the dictator used para military force to shut down peaceful protest when the mandate laws were introduced. Vote United Australia Party if people want to keep their freedoms.

  2. I feel that a big issue is that we're such a big country, that those of us who see through the bullshit are 12 hours away from the nearest major city. Still great to see this turnout

  3. No
    Booster vaccine only politicians and their children
    No new antiviral pill we already got the antiviral available for many many years
    Why make a new one and cheaper ? To save money but not that are better
    Everything for govt Benefit not for us
    Now their push vaccination for kids under 12 only because the vaccine is due to expire and not won’t put in rubbish bin
    Kid no need vaccine too young

  4. What was that ? I didn’t get it only heard some one screaming something
    Nice day again for day out and picnic
    Good on you people stay away from shopping save your money for next year lockdown

  5. With love, not fear, not hate. We need our brothers and sisters to see, hear and feel the humanity. Don't be the enemy or fools they falsely portray on their TV's and media feeds. This is for them also, their children, all of us. United

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