Melbourne Victoria protest 13th November 2021 (HD Version)

Thought i would upload in High Quality
the amazing amount of people turned out for this advent
Melbourne Protest of New Bill and mandatory Vaccination.
Main stream media not showing all the people taking to the streets in a FRIENDLY protest about their rights to say NO.
Please subscribe as slowly uploading all footage from today showing the true volume of people

Written by Victoria by Drone


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  1. Kia Kaha !!! One voice Jacinda! All around the world .One message. "So if you still need a booster after been fully vaccinated, and testing after been fully vaccinated, and hospitalisation after been fully vaccinated, and masks, social distancing & lockdowns all after been fully vaccinated? Then it's time to admit that you've been FULLY conned."


  2. The drug capital of Australia…look how many there are….. I bet a drug test would prove every one of them positive….do you think we can expect a massive chemical explosion to come out if this mob….look out!!

  3. I watched this on the news yesterday and they said “close to a thousand protesters where out in Melbourne today”… looks like abit more than a thousand 😅

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