Melbourne Victoria protest 20th November 2021 Flagstaff Gardens (HD Version)

Melbourne Protest of New Bill and mandatory Vaccination Flagstaff Gardens 1:30 to 2:30.
Main stream media not showing all the people taking to the streets in a FRIENDLY protest about their rights to say NO.

Written by Victoria by Drone


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  1. It's a bit rich to say that crowd was in the hundred-thousands today – not sure if there was more outside that footage, but I would say that look about 9-12k tops (sorry). The gov-sponsored 'Antifa' crowd only had a few hundred.

  2. Best Protesting Day we’ve had. This is wonderful footage many thanks we waved up to you. Most peaceful and happy, cooperative crowd l have ever been in. Shits on Grand Final Days and MCG Cricket Days as this is by the people for the people and raising the Consciousness of our world. We owned Melbourne CBD. The Police were awesome. Sack dan andrews, Kill the Bill, Save Our Children. United We Stand, we’ll never be Divided! FREEDOM Bring it on!! ✊✊✊❤️❤️❤️

  3. Great work thanks for sharing…and don’t mind the haters or “droning experts” on here. I’m sure they are just picking at it as the numbers can’t be dismissed with these kinds of shots. Even the MSM has started to post footage more representative or the actual events now. It’s working!

  4. The move to Flagstaff gardens was great for families and the shade but it belies the true number that were crammed in under the trees in the Centre, by the time I left at only 2:30 only one side of the outer path wasn’t densely populated. Was amazing 🤩

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