Men Under 40 Have Higher Risk Of Myocarditis From Vaxx Than COVID

Looking at the entire population – all ages, genders, health conditions, etc. – and there’s no question that the threat of myocarditis from COVID is greater than from being vaccinated. Except if you break the data down further it turns out that men under 40 have a substantially higher risk of myocarditis from the vaccine, in particular the second dose of Moderna. Yet as physician and YouTuber Vinay Prasad points out, the CDC never provides those breakdowns and allows the media to continue parroting the idea that vaccines are safer for everyone compared to getting COVID.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the myocarditis issue and vaccines vs COVID infection.

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  1. Some 19 yo Canadian hockey semi-pro (?) league team member, who’d just been made team captain a week before, dropped dead on the ice during a tournament last week.
    A South African model-turned-actress, who had won an award at Cannes last festival, 20-something, newly engaged, suddenly, unexpectedly died last week, iirc, as well.
    10’s of thousands of these stories coming out, yet NOT being reported on MSM, or, when they are, no mention of possible C of Ds. They were both, almost certainly, fully jabbed-up, too.

  2. a friend of mine suffered a small heart attack, and his doctor convinced him he got Covid.
    i tried to tell him that Covid symptoms are kinda like the flu (runny nose etc), but hes pretty convinced that that heart attack was the actual Covid.
    i just give up.

  3. They have ONE job. It's in their NAME. To inform Americans about keeping their hearts healthy. And they do the opposite and effectively lie to us. I honestly don't know what to say any more. If the world ended tomorrow I'd take solace that these criminals ended with it.

  4. My boyfriend (30 years old) just got his booster. He works for the airlines (and no, he does not work as a pilot or flight attendant…he works an office job. They still are requiring and pressuring vax). This is extremely concerning for me because I know people like him and have male friends in healthcare that will be requiring, or pressuring, the vax for the rest of their careers. This is extremely concerning for me as someone who got my first two doses early on and will NEVER get another one of these vaxs again because of info like this.

  5. 1990: smart people read the ingredients of all the commercial foods they buy. 2021: "smart people" do as they are told to accept injections WHILE KNOWING NOTHING about the ingredients or documented adverse reactions to an experimental vaccine technology that was never proven to be safe on animals.

  6. I am a 66 year old woman, my husband 72 and we will never take any of their money making BS!!! Have-not even had the seasonal flu just take our Zink, vit C and D and build a good God given immune system!

  7. Back in 2019 when Trump rallies were called super spreader events and, at the same time, BLM riots were sanctioned by politicians, celebrities and those degenerate TikTok and Only Fans nurses that was all the information I needed on COVID to know it was a scam.

  8. Everything’s conspiracy theory until it’s conspiracy fact. It’s kinda like when they say the people most at risk are the elderly, obese and people with underlying conditions and proceeded to totally ignore that and push the jab on everyone.

  9. Proud to say that I never took that garbage. Got my Omicron on Christmas Eve just got it again about 3 weeks ago and it was night and day different. Second time mimicked Allergies for about 4 days. Itchy dry cough and runny nose. Never missed a day of work or a workout that week.

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