Mentioning Soros Verboten on Fox News! Neocon Legacy Media Just as Bad as Liberal MSM

They even censor milquetoast Gingrich for calling out a billionaire:


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  1. Glenn Beck's career hasn't been ruined, and he hasn't lost his audience. He definitely had some sort of a political awakening, because he has gone a lot more Libertarian in his outlook. Glenn was fired from Fox precisely because he was talking about George Soros.

  2. Both Left and Right were globalist NWO. It was Trump that's made difference. The cabal in Republican and the Democratic parties is still strong, Trump needs another 4 years and another 3 terms after that to rectify the damage done. The question is who will take Donald Trumps place after the 2nd term?

  3. The clip with Newt was disturbing, but I'd like to point out that Tuck and his guest called out Soros last night on his show. So there's that. I'm sure I'm not the first to mention this, lol

  4. Not that it’s of any consolation, but mentioning Soros and his involvement in funding NGO trafficking of migrants into Europe automatically relegates you to fringe conspiracy, fascism, xenophobia, and if you’re on TV, you will be cut off by every moderator on the show. It’s insane. This happens where I’m from (Italy), and I was waiting for it to occur in legacy American media; it was just a more difficult market for him to penetrate, but he got ya.

  5. Soros' company OSF is actually ferrying endless waves of economic migrants into Europe and across the world. Not bloomberg. Soros single handedly almost collapsed the UK banking system in the early 1980's by buying out their currency and selling it back which was during John Major's tenure as PM. One can easily find this information. Soros and his company, business, and affiliates were banned in Hungary by PM Victor Orban, Soros is no longer allowed to conduct business in Hungary. Anyone who does their research can clearly see the difference between him and everyone else. Anyone actively taking part in Soros type cronyism would become a target, and for good reason. They all need to be shut down and become public enemy target numbers on the most wanted list
    Moreover, if i saw, or heard, the same sellout qualities from Fox i wouldnt bother with them. Maybe during the day shows (which i never watch) But i dont see that with Tucker or Gutfeld, Ingraham, or Hannity. If i did i would call it out and have a bone to pick.

    I get what you're saying, but until i see otherwise, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  6. You seem to have a problem understanding nuance I see.
    Tucker is much more like a an OG news anchor who covers topics
    that others do see as verboten & therefore don't touch.
    Is he perfect.? No.? But then again Styx NEITHER ARE YOU.!
    That appears somehow to be news to you.
    Tucker has covered Soros & he has also done segments on Assange
    to name but 2 off the top of my head.

    As to whether he is controlled opposition or not, that somewhat depends
    upon interpretation I think. Yes, as he works for an "OPPOSITION" network
    in that sense he is obviously controlled opposition, but a person who is real
    controlled opposition would do the verboten segments & then fake debunk them.
    Kinda like a Rachel Maddow type figure, only of the right.

    So in summation I'd say that in an era of infinite flavors of shit
    that the Tuck's shit is at the very least wholesome & traditional.
    Meaning that he still pushes the boundaries of his corporate arena
    & for the most part I agree with his take on several big issues which
    I cannot say about any other pundit/anchor from the modern arena.

  7. I like styx views but he's sometimes out of touch. Too blackpilled at times. Beck, Carlson, even shapiro have good points. Its good to disagree with people. The Blaze had since good stuff at times..

  8. Bottom line Newt deserved more respect than "Little House on the Prairie Girl" jumping down his throat for daring to invoke Soros and Harris shutting him down with a prompt subject change. It was disgusting beyond what mixed message shit Fox usually spews these days. You are correct to come back to MONEY IN POLITICS. If we can't get money out of politics the next best thing is making recalls much easier so as soon as we see them shilling for their sponsors we can shut them down quickly and replace them. Like the Biden Minnesota bail fund if we start charging million dollar bails, then even billionaires start running out of money to subvert rather quickly. Make it expensive if they spend a 100 million to get some corrupt mayor or prosecutor elected only to have them canned in 30 days with a fast hot recall every time.

  9. Glenn Beck got his big start in Tampa Florida on WFLA radio. He was quite liberal and even entertaining. Then he found out that there was more money by being a conservative shiel.

  10. If you do do a piece of Tucker, you better goddamn well have done actual research on him and not do your usual ignorant rants that are fueled by speculation. Give us the fucking facts. Because as someone who has looked into Tucker Carlson and originally didn't like him, when off the air, he's a pretty reasonable guy and tends to talk a lot of sense. Yeah, I don't agree with him on a few things politicially, but at this point, I think you, Styx, just hate him because of the fact that he is pushing into your libertarian realms as a bit of a classical liberal who doesn't like populism (which there is always a debate for that, I'm neither for nor against it) and you don't like that. Just because Tucker is on Fox doesn't mean that he agrees wholesale of what Fox does. I also have a feeling you are pushing back just to be contrarian, which you tend to do quite often as well.

  11. Carlson brings up Soros many times on his show. He’s not worried about what his bosses at Fox think. If you had 4 million + following you Styx, there’d be some guy envious about you and be calling you a corporate sellout. Time to grow up Styx, that green eyed monster doesn’t look good on you.