Merriam-Webster Promises to Adopt Doubleplusgood Racism Definition


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#Racism #Newspeak


  1. If candyassed thin-skinned snowflakes keep insisting that "words hurt", I will have no choice but to "prove" the ONLY way that is even remotely true ; by bashing them brainless with the heaviest old-school dictionary I can find.

  2. Based on my definition from Funk & Wagnall's 1982 dictionary, it is safe to assume blacks are being racist against whites now. Transgender is not in any of the dictionaries, just a side note. Yes, based on the definition I just posted, ANYONE can be racist. LOL How about that. I just thought I would look up the words since my dictionaries are are right beside my computer. I have been looking up certain words and then reading the history of the words. They are adding politics to the words now. HOWEVER, both DEMOCRATS and Republicans have "their hands dirty" when it comes to racism. But, anyone that really knows history should know this already. LOL The Democrats want the blacks to "remain on the plantation" so they can control them and get their vote. LOL Some blacks realize this, some don't. That said, Republicans use the race card as well. Yes, IN EVERY ELECTION THEY THINK WILL BE CLOSE, the politicians pull out "the race card" before the election. And, like sheep, everyone follows the "food bucket", in this case money, and here we are. EVERY single time they think the election will be too close, they pull this shit. THAT is politics and most of the blacks "fall for it" hook, line, and sinker. LOL

  3. Changing the definition of racism will not make the sjw's less racist. It shows that they know somewhere that they are racist.

  4. If Merriam-Webster wanted an express ticket to illegitimacy, this would be a good way to do it. Small groups of fringe lunatics do not get to decide what a common word means. Definitely not if the definition is wildly different than the original and politically weaponized, to boot.

  5. It all comes down to the overall plan to indoctrinate people. They already control the education system so it will be easy enough to shove new definitions down people's throat. Now they n33dnto get respected organizations to make the changes so they can implement their reeducation. It's just like the shitty science they use to push climate change or gender fluidity. Once enough people with degrees said it the door open3d to start teaching it in school. Soon nothing they learn in school will be true.

  6. The word Racism was only invented by zionists to keep people from talking about who controls a nation. Even if the ward racism is used, it’s ridiculous to count thoughts or views as racism. A much better word is race-hate. However it must be acted upon. Why do people even care about what a Zionist like Webster writes…..

  7. This whole debacle would be unthinkable in a normal, organically grown society, which for this reason would be ethnically cohesive. All this "-ism" would have no meaning in such a society, let alone cause any troubles. A man in an all-black country can be all the racist he wants and it wouldn't be ANY problem. OK, you are. So what? Nobody there would be upset about it since there would be no fractures of this kind to worm it's way through society. Same thing with any other group.
    That's what happens when you import such problems to your lands (i.e. Western Europe).

  8. what's funny is that this word virtually did not exist in the English vocabulary before the 1950s and already they're changing its definition. i guess you don't have to burn books any more if you simply can rewrite them.

  9. Dictionaries don't define they describe use. If a dictionary cant describe current and past uses accurately its just a shitty dictionary. It wont change the language.

  10. It's literally as George described it. Change the way people think by limiting the words they have to understand their world around them. PC is also part of this.

  11. This is ridicules why dont the liberals just take their party back? Also, why don't they just make up a new word for this?
    The democratic party will be useless after socialist demolish or dismantle their party, but the least the socialist could do at this point is run their own party. If socialism is so great why doesnt uncle burnie just run a socialist campaign?
    They just want to prep up a couple generations proably, run liberal ideas into the ground, then turn around and run a socialist party or dubb it democratic socialist party.
    I honestly think that's why the DNC has screwed the voters out of sanders twice now. Like they tolerate and even embrace socialism or the socialist Democrats just enough to use their fan base. They throw a dog a bone now and then by pandering to them it's a old lefty sight of hand if you will. It definitely feels like they are being prepped though. It takes away from the people who have suffered at the hands of racism and it keeps people who encourage you too do better in the wrong. Just trying to use language to to keep people ignorant and quite I guess you cant teach an old dog new ……