Merry Christmas from the Victorian State Government

Early Christmas gift from the Victorian State Government to the good boys and girls of Victoria.

Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. If the vaccine worked, it would be one shot and done. It wouldn’t require masks AT ALL, and there’d be NO SUCH THING AS A THIRD DOSE IN UNDER SIX MONTHS…and you still think this is about health.

  2. so is he admitting to being a murderer? Because by now if you still think this j@bby business is good for you and you push it? Hands soaker with blood. God sees and knows all things. Nothing is hidden to those who seek the LORD.

  3. You mean the kids are being indoctrinated and manipulated into all this utter rubbish, the schools are part of the regime, it's where all the shit fight starts!! Have not and will not take the first dose, let alone the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th…………10000000000th.

  4. From 8 years old, you have to wear a mask? Are they for real???
    It makes me sick seeing kids wearing them!
    Well he can stick his mask rules…I havent worn one for months now, and not going to!!

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