Message to Vic Employees and other Employees

Please listen to this message and read our template letter for Employees in Vic to use to negotiate their positions with their Employers.

For Employees: – you have option 1 declination form or option 2 our new updated template

For Employers:

Employment Issues & Support Forums

Please visit for further instructions on how to deal with the current issues you are facing, and the steps you must take next. Join and involve yourself in the groups and forums that are industry specific to support and assist you at this stressful time. We want to unite everybody for strength, unity and communications.

Urgent Termination Issues

Advocate Me have collaborated with Human Rights Advocates, and organised advocacy services available at including Fair Work representation, mediation with your employer, advice and possible legal action.

Please Send your initial enquiries to to see if your matter would be successful at Fair Work or associated tribunals. Please be patient, as Human Rights Advocates are also receiving hundreds of employee and employer complaints each day.

General Class Action Participation (not as a Witness)

Join our Class Actions here:


Templates and research in relation to vaccinations and other government mandates are available for your use; you can find and customise those templates at


Educational campaigns/research can be found at People for Safe Vaccines:

We are endeavouring to educate and empower everybody so they can continue to retain their rights, health and jobs, whilst Serene simultaneously progresses her various legal Class Actions and Fair Work cases in the courts and tribunals.

We encourage you to utilise our plethora of resources and share with others who may be threatened by unlawful vaccination demands, dismissals, stand downs, refusal of entry or other punitive/discriminatory actions:

Stay Strong, Hold the Line

Written by Serenatopia


  1. Thanks for your hard work but I don’t know why you’re advocating for alternative vaccines. With an over 99% survival rate vaccines aren’t necessary. We need early treatments to be allowed which have been proven to work instead.

  2. serene the novavax is still not a traditional jab because its injecting the spike protein itself – traditional vax should weeaken the ENTIRE virus before injecting, not just take one part – the most toxic part and use that.. in any event we will not have ANY safety data for years!

  3. Hi Serene, my phone won't open the two links for my employer. Is there any other way I can get hold of these templates please . I have been given my end date to get the jab or lose my job by the 25th October. Thanks 🙏🧡

  4. thats some great news there, but what if SYNTHETIC isn't something i would stick in me anyway? if i was that person facing my employer i wouldn't stste that i would rather this than that. i would go along the lines of natural immunity.
    do not under any circumstances give them an alternative.

  5. You speak for MANY. If covid is so contagious why are they exempt? Two sets or rules. I doubt covid chooses its prey by job. Also none of the government or the pharmaceutical companies are willing to say it’s safe so it’s being tested on the people that are being forced to have this vaccine.

  6. Great information, you dont care that there are 1000s of self employed and small business who as a owner need their vaccine or need to SHUT there business.

  7. My employment was terminated on the 4th October because I refused the poison, I spoke to a lawyer today about unfair dismissal and he told me I don't have a case, heasked me why I did not want it and I told him that our constitution protects us from this and he said to me that that is not a good enough reason and a judge will not accept it. This sounds like major corruption to me I thought our constitution was the highest law.

  8. Thank you Serene. For over a year now I have been eagerly awaiting the option of COVAX-19, a recombinant protein-based vaccine developed by Professor Nikolai Petrovsky of Flinders University, Adelaide. Unfortunately, having received no funding from our government, it is taking too long.

  9. I'm currently working my dream job in a music store and was just offered a full time position with the company only to receive a call 24 hours later explaining I'll need the vaccine to do that.. I'm not interested in this experimental vaccine that is not safe so I'm now left on the books as a casual but I will have no shifts, no pay till they drop this mandate or I get vaccinated which isn't happening

  10. After all the extreme pressure and popaganda to get jabbed, I'd prefer China's vaccines rather than trusting pfizer ModeRNA (Moderna) AstraZeneca. Aren't they made the real traditional way with dead SARScov2 virus cells, instead of synthetic spike proteins? Don't ALL the others use synthetic spike proteins including Novavax? And why don't we have Russia's version here if it has better safety and efficacy than AstraZeneca (that uses the same vector technology)?

  11. Serene, I hope you're well? You desreve to be. You spoke of a class action in Victoria at some stage. Are there any criteria one needs to fulfill to be able to "register" or take part in it? Also, I want to say thank you for highlighting the criminal side of pfizer and mentioning their psych drugs. Withdrawal and post withdrawal syndrome(years)from a drug they and a company they owned make are the reason i wont have their injection and are terrified of the others. You're a good person.

  12. Prepaussie ytube also has good step by step legal advise
    Keep up the good work and lets Sue these people in court , Elections are coming and these politicians are feeling threatened from Independent Government Representatives

  13. The thing to remember here is the vac passport.
    It’s a control measure I know, but without it, you’re going to be locked out of places.

    I’m getting my forced vaccination next week.
    I hope one day to be involved in a class action against Brett Sutton

  14. Thank you. I submitted 4 pages seeking exemption.. Religious. A Liability Form..A personal letter asking for help..

    It sat on the desk till the 14th.
    No attention was given. No answe given.

    Im yet to get it back.

  15. My friends have been issued with letters today USING Fair Work clause as justification to "Stand Down" these employees. What can they do? Heck I will name and shame VENTURA ….

  16. All in this together? The Rule of law ? You will be happy and own nothing(great reset)? Seems there might be a catch to all this, One law for the people another for the controllers and their subjects.

  17. I want to thank you and your team for your template letter/declination form. You have saved my partner, uncles and cousins. My partner job had non stop threats for a week. Kept saying no jab, no job. But once my family sent the email from you guys. The boss called them in the next day, held a meeting. Apologised, but due to orders from the government, they will cop fines. The boss said to them, once the state of emergency is lifted. The boys can return back to work. I want to say how grateful we are for your guys hard work into the letters.