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  1. Hahahaha. Mark is clearly no longer friends with the state. He sees the incoming pendulum swing and wants to switch sides like the narcissistic sociopath he is.
    Remember his past. He's not reliable. He's a rat fleeing a sinking ship.

  2. They know the House is changing hands after november and public opinion has turned against the Executive branch so they're changing things now to hopefully avoid an investigation into them.

  3. It's interesting that Facebook is "supposed to be a server farm", when you consider that the majority of these companies were not profitable, and that these projects and intellectuals they were able to hire were propped up by venture capital, not unlike the NFT market. It's like the current social climate is caused by bored overachievers that are incapable of understanding the consequences of the psychological brutality they intend to implement to make them feel like their work is somehow worthwhile and fulfilling.

  4. "What do you think?" is exactly the target by the newly empowered social tyrants. Growing up in the SF Bay area and being one that has always been fond of unadulterated conversation, I have many times had people with no involvement in whatever conversation come over and try to pressure to stop our discourse. These same people are sought out as mods for communication services as they have the will to impose on others. Just as a torture program needs staff that are fine implementing the practices, a tyrannical social network needs staff that have little to no issue interjecting into the communications of others. In physical spaces these people have near zero power and are easily cowed. Just as the drone operator is isolated almost completely from retaliatory strike, the moderators are near completely isolated from response by those they have power over. The constant creation of new centralized networks at best can offer a slightly more preferable alternative. When a completely decentralized network arises akin to bitcoin, it will mark a dramatic change for the better as moderation attempts will loose any hope of monopolistic control of communications.

  5. Obligatory Vee pestering over covering the 200 years of Brazilian independence massive demonstrations (probably biggest in the country's history, and that's saying something) that happened 2 days ago (07/09), less than a month away from our next presidential elections, bolstered by the presence of Bolsonaro in Brasilia in the morning and in Rio de Janeiro during the evening.

    The main theme brought by the public on signs was "freedom" (liberdade), as the concerns over our supreme court repeatedly invading the legislative and executive attributions rises and their persecution that led to prison sentences for journalists (Osvaldo Eustáquio), activists (Sarah Winter) and even a congressman (Daniel Silveira) – all through illegal procedures in which the supreme court judge is the supposed victim, prosecutor and judge over the cases. The persecution against Bolsonaro's supporters on the internet also led to the closing of a journalistic outlet called Terça Livre, and forced its founder (Allan dos Santos) to flee to exile (USA) – thankfully the Interpol didn't give a shit over the supreme court request to extradite him -, and the demonetizing of other youtube channels.

    The demonstrations fly in the face of polls being circulated by the corporate press showing Lula (who's been released from jail by the supreme court, that claimed the 3 instances in which he was condemned weren't valid because he should've been trialed in other State) well ahead of Bolsonaro. Lula obviously hasn't dragged anywhere near as many people to any of his events, which are all indoors (I think? Dunno, no one really cares about him lol). Bolsonaro often walks amongst the people, even after the stabbing 4 years ago, Lula never does that.

    (nitter links because I don't have a twitter account) – Brasília – Brasilia – Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro – São Paulo – journo's pathetic attempt to downplay the massive demonstrations, claiming only 67K people were in Copacabana (Rio) and 32K in Av. Paulista (São Paulo).

  6. Vee has forgotten pamphleteering in the early 1800s.

    Anonymous campaigns launched by interested parties would distribute pamphlets around coffee houses BECAUSE newspapers were so heavily censured.

    The Austro-Hungarian empire was infamous for its lack of a free press. Austro-Hungary, like Yugoslavia and the UK were pasted together from diverse ethnic and religious blocks with clearly defined borders.

    Their unity was maintained by sharing a contiguous land mass and by having a common interest – such as an overseas threat to their survival or prestige.

    Like Calhoun's mice in the Universe 25 experiment, without an exterior threat such societies tend to cease reproducing and start to eat themselves.

    Censorship is a means of fashioning an external threat out of a defensive mechanism. As censorship declines liberation loses its unifying effect, there is no identifiable real oppressor or enemy.

    The narcissistic "beautiful ones" appear, internecine violence and even cannibalism (civil war) develops.

    There is a limit to how effective censureship can be, eventually self interest pushes back the boundaries and we start wallowing around in self pity once more.

    We have a use for economic depression, great resets and overseas conflicts.

  7. Milton Friedman said something along the lines of when the Berlin Wall fell, it was roundly agreed throughout society that socialism had failed and capitalism stood victorious. Western Intellectuals agreed that in light of this, what the capitalist democracies of the world really needed was more socialism. These are the people with whom we're dealing.

  8. Let's be fair tho. It's a bit of a false-equivelency to compare mail or phone to massive-spread of: convincing manipulative videos or "info" across the internet and there is real measurable harm in some instances where ppl start believing sun-block causes cancer & they should maximize sun exposure to boost unnaturally low vit-D (higher cancer rates), or spread ideas about pregancy causing early death in mothers due to (supposedly) brain-damage caused by birthing pain (depopulation effort), or selling health-boosting soil (secrets "they" don't want you to know) which is actually high in heavy-metals.
    So point being – there really are some forms of disinfo that lots of ppl believe that really do cause real-world physical harm & death. We can combat it thru laws & education but sometimes the law isn't on our side. Problem is "fact-checkers" aren't on our side half the time either – they're just another part of the manipulation problem.

  9. These are the last people I would ever entrust my "safety" to. Because it never winds up being about my safety and always winds up being some fucking communist assholes line of bullshit being more important than anybody else's thoughts, opinions or even actual facts.

  10. This doesn't mean anything. It's publicity and nothing more.
    Don't think the same company that censored real news stories wouldn't do it again just because they claim to have got rid of a department.

  11. Sounds like captain Kirk had a word with their computer……..someones Kirked the machine……
    Kirk – "It is your job to eliminate threats to the people"
    Meta " yes that is my function"
    Kirk – "You are a threat, eliminate yourself!"
    Meta – "error, does not compute" – boom!!

  12. Facebook is RELENTLESSLY "suggesting" radical left wing pages to me. Unionists, communists, socialists, left wing commenters and agitators, climate change doomsayers, renewable energy zealots, "news" media, and constant shills for rings of power and game of thrones prequel.
    I'm f__king sick of it.

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