MeToo CEO RESIGNS After Using Organization To DEFEND Cuomo

Krystal and Saagar discuss the fallout from the Cuomo report that has led the CEO of the leading MeToo group to resign in disgrace

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  1. Wow. I know they say that most counter cultural movements eventually become subsumed by the establishment but there's literally a CEO for Time's Up, a movement which only became prominent in 2017. That's wild.

  2. I guess it makes sense that MeToo is a business with a CEO. Didn't know that though. As everyone knows by now, MeToo did good for one day. Then on Day 2 it became painfully obvious that it would make a GREAT political tool. Of course this exposed the top cult leaders as hypocrites, when they completely abandoned their morals in backing Sniffy Joe Biden. But if you weren't paying attention, it looked solid. Biden is just the most visible beneficiary of 'You Get a Free Pass." The most insipid lizards who ignited this thing and maintain its corpse are scum like The View hosts. But pretty much any Hollywood boomer who thinks the world revolves around Whoopi Goldberg's head, that Obama was a great president, and that Stephen Colbert, et al are still funny. …. It's these kinds of things that really divide Americans. I'm not afraid of the truth. I've always remained flexible enough to have my worldview challenged. People who want AUTHENTICITY, and not con jobs like MeToo, are more fully represented by the conservatives today.

  3. Good riddance. It's sad though to see the real possible concerns about women on this issue is tainted by such political cheerleading nonsense, they protected Biden and Cuomo while throwing others under the bus. This was never about protecting women, I barely even hear from them about the BS going on in Texass with abortions.

  4. The moral to the story…If you start a movement that is doing things to improve the world please run the other way when someone from the government tells you they like what you’re doing and want to help.

  5. people in power being corrupt!!! noooo way, im so surprised. this is totally out of character….
    i mean, how do either of your politics make sense if people in power are constantly proven as corrupt….

  6. As someone who would have called myself a feminist in the 90s….these new wave feminists seem to be mostly rooting for policies that are actually regressive for women. 🤦‍♀️ Bizarre times indeed.

  7. I don’t Blame the meetoo or rise up folks, they got scammed into believing Chen too. At least they ousted her and maybe someone can take back the organization and use it for actual good instead of a fake storefront for raising $ for the DNC. Partisan politics really doesn’t seem to have a moral bottom.

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