Mexico offers political asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange| Latest World English News | WION

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, accused of espionage by the USA and held in Belmarsh Prison outside the British capital London, received a political asylum offer from Mexico.

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  1. Thanks to Assange we have know learnt that the US government as well as the UK government are lying and covering up political crimes and that's all we need in order to keep on questioning MSM reports about the "truth". We should not play along with our governments lies, but challenge their version of the truth. Assange, Snowden and Manning and others have shown us how important it is to stand tall when the world is about to become insane, like that which happened in Nazi Germany not too long ago.

  2. Trump should pardon Julian Assange. There is no reason why he shouldn't. Everyone knows how corrupted Hillary and the CIA and FBI
    are as well as the Military. The people know about this. So the Government should get over it. The media is the one's killing Julian Assange. Stop this shot now.

  3. President Lopez aka el Cacas,inserting himself in other problem while his own country is falling into pieces,misery,violence with cartels and death.Worst corrupt president in Mexican history .

  4. He's a journalist! All he did was report on and expose crimes committed by the very governments he is being unjustly persecuted by. One day after he is gone the world will recognise him as a hero in journalism and a true patriot.

  5. Mexico always gets left out of big world because they know that we do not play by the rules of the new world order, while i cant say the mexican government is perfect it is refreshing to see that we are still free, no mandates no, political narratives. VIVA MEXICO! AND PRAISE THIS HERO FOR EXPOSING THE TRUTH !

  6. What is liberty today. One’s freedom of expression is being controlled and eroded by the US military, I think the man has suffered enough while the fat cat’s chew the fat of uncertainty.

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