MFs For Real Giving Shoutouts to Stalin and the Gang…HAHAHA

Brain rot.

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  1. We living during a time when BOTH of these things are happening: Communist-Marxists are both born and go to OUR country’s colleges and universities WHILE Ex-Communist-Marxists are trying to COME to our country!

  2. In reality you are absolutely different from that image of yourselves that you have created in your external consciousness. And your might is unlimited. The potential to be God is laid within you, within each of you. As a matter of fact, you are gods. And your task is to master your divinity little by little, to let the divinity enter your external consciousness.

  3. Bruh, I remember a old Russian dude who actually lived under the USSR getting into a debate with the college students over on 14th Street, Union Square Park,NYC.

    He was TRYING to explain to them that communist rule was very brutal and that they( young Americans) should be thankful to be in a society that atleast has more freedoms.They basically responded by calling him fascist, loser, and ignorant of communism.

    Also, these students were most likely attending " THE NEW SCHOOL", which is on fifth Ave and 14th Street…but it's also the "KARL MARX SCHOOL", because it literally churns out new rainbow haired radicals everyday.

  4. I wonder how many glowies were in there? Difference between 'leftwing' glowies and 'rightwing' glowies is that the former doesn't have to work half as hard to lather their marks into a frenzy.

  5. I propose to put these idiots in a communist country. Seriously. Like set up an arrangement with the govt of a communist country to have them be transferred and be assigned to a workforce. Prep their citizenship and set up accomodations for them. And if they suddenly want to come back, they must go through an interview and have a documentary made about them.

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