MIC Funds Biden Pushing US Into Ukraine War

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Graham shows NY Times article.

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Written by Graham Elwood

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  1. My problem with Ike is that he spent 8 years catering to the MIC and then, on his way out, he "warns" Americans of the MIC? What was that, Ike, a strategic withdrawal? He musta know something because they, then, killed JFK…..

  2. We go to war with Russia and China it won't be long. I give it two yrs. Max!
    Sure! Give these people money and arms for Russia to sieze. Never mind the homeless family you tripped over. Or the starving child you walked by.

  3. Not sure but isn't the $ going to Bernie mostly coming from workers, employees of Boeing Raytheon Lockheed Martin you know guys on the line not from the corporations themselves

  4. This 40 billion is peanuts compared to what tiny Israel gets in peacetime – 38 billion over 10-year period , look it up. War or surrender – didnt Russia say NATO to get out of Europe ? next they will tell you to get out of South America and then from North America – make no mistake about it ..

  5. There is one difference between america , compared with russia and china : the DSA is not yet a totalitarian regime like russia and china – the people still have the means to fight back and save america.

    I'm not convinced the people will rise up , but you still have a little time to make a cleansing by revolution possible. I hope you will do it before it's too late .. Tick ! Tick !

  6. The US is trying to do another proxy war with China through Taiwan. But Taiwan is already part of China provinces. It’s just like 🎉Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska are part of the US.

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