Mich. back in play as Wayne County officials rescind certification of votes

The state of Michigan is back in play as the Wayne County Republican canvassers rescind their certification of the votes.
One America’s Pearson Sharp has more as the GOP members reveal their families were threatened by Democrats.

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  1. When any consumer product is discovered to be tainted the entire product run is recalled. The authorities don't say that just because one individual product unit has been discovered to be tainted this does not prove that the entire product line is tainted and that each and every unit has to be proven to be contaminated before it can be discarded. There is no consideration that some of the recalled product might not be tainted – the entire production run is recalled, even if it involves millions of product units! The Dominion voting machines have been used to calculate millions of the votes of the presidential election in 28 states. The Dominion voting machine product has been proven to be tainted. Consequently, in accordance with well-established consumer protection standards, the entire production of these tainted Dominion voting machines is suspect and needs to be recalled just like any other consumer product – no matter what the consequences! There is no way to trust the product of the Dominion voting machines!

  2. Wow! Terrorist are trying to take over the white house… trump u the man! They want him out because he is well liked and doing things the right way!

  3. I think Allen Dirshawitz described pretty clearly that The Trump strategy is to delay certifications of key locations past the Dec. 15th deadline. Then the electorate goes into the Republican house which would decide in Trumps favor. So any voter fraud, real, or not, large or small, is used as delay tactics more than trying to flip vote counts. People may be correct and feel confident he cannot flip vote counts and think all is good for Biden, but may get shocked when Trump catches them by surprise with the delay tactic.

  4. Can someone tell us all what happened about recount in Arizona? I don't trust ONE politician. Dominion is busy digging dirt on republicans to get them to follow dominion counts. Put all dominion employees in prison along with all dirty politicians

  5. As a Democrat from Wisconsin who voted 100% Republican on this ballot, for the first time ever. I am even part of a small coalition of WI dems who all decided we would vote Trump after weighing our options. We are just a small group of less than 100 voters. But I don't know anyone, Dem or Republican who voted for Biden. This whole election is a joke, no chance Donald Trump lost, not in Wisconsin anyway!

  6. Don't forget in Georgia the over 90,000 ballots with only Biden marked, and Trump only had less than 900 with him being the only mark on the ballot. The Left screams 'We simply wanted Trump out and this is a indicator'… while 95% of the so called vote results where are the people that' We Simply wanted Trump in…' where is that so called 'Indicator'… where the lack of down ballot voting was <1% Trump?
    I feel this is the same KIND of excusing in the DEMs stating 'Dems tend to vote late and by mail'.
    Why is it that for some strange reason a paradox exists fro 'Dem voters'? Different than Reps, different than Independents, different than any group anywhere else on the planet!?????
    NO!!! 'Dems don't vote late or by mail-in MORE… they are not more interested in the top of the ballot than the down ballot candidates(99 TIMES +, PLUSSSS.. to one!)
    What we have here is DNC operatives cheating………….. people are people the world over.. American Democrats are not too lazy to fill out a ballot, too lazy to mail ballots on time, too lazy to vote in person and instead by mail.