Michael Burry Warns that Hell is Coming and Stocks Will Get Crushed

Michael Burry, famed hedge-fund manager from the movie “The Big Short” is warning investors that the “last hurrah” for corporate earnings is hear and that hell is coming for stock prices, which he believes could fall as much as 90% for even some of the best growth stocks.

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Written by Steven Van Metre


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  1. If the Fed actually wants stock prices to come down then why the hell did he talk so obviously dovish? Seems to me they have no intentions of lowering inflation.. they believe they can’t. So it’s just a bs game of acting like they’re trying all the while keeping the markets pumped up.. I mean after all it’s mostly the common man that gets seriously hurt by this approach. And guess who they care about the least?

  2. I found the financial fountain of wealth. I make 100 quintillion dollars a day making robo calls. You can too, ask me how. lol Edit: Thanks Steve for all you do.

  3. The central banks will keep printing. They don't want to be lynched when everyone's pensions are worthless. They will devalue their currencies and introduce an Orwellian digital currency.

  4. Retailers have to buy their inventory from suppliers so although retailers can get away with charging more for a while the supplies they buy is costing them more so they are not more profitable, think of all those plastic cups, straws, energy costs at your local café, the café owner is paying more for all of that, how long before that cup of coffee and muffin gets so expensive the office worker decides to make their own coffee and buy a pack of muffins at the next visit to the supermarket?

  5. The Fed has been too dovish for a long time, even now when they really need to combat inflation they are luke warm about actually raising rates enough fast enough. Add to that a spend happy Democratic party in power and that means no end of inflation insight until they get serious. The Fed thinks it can control this like a fine violine when in fact they are steering there policy like the Titanic. They are so dovish that they could lose control.

  6. There is no way the FED is making a dent in 9.1% inflation with a FED funds rate of 2.5%. To support my claim I cite Paul Volcker vs. Arthur Burns. After his appointment in 1979 Paul Volcker rapidly hiked interest rates until they exceeded the rate of inflation and kept the FED interest rate above the inflation rate regardless of an economic slowdown. Contrast this with Arthur Burns in the 1970s who would drop rates as soon as the US was entering a recession. The result: ever higher inflation when the economy came out of a recession. So how does the FED defeat inflation this time with negative real rates?
    And one observation about the most recent move up in the S&P500: Commodities moved up as well (DBC index as proxy).

  7. I get this, but why does a company like Tesla that has 1 year waiting lists for its products still get dragged down with the rest? I’m so torn wether ti stay in out out?

  8. Don't fight the market. Take what the market gives you. If there's volatility, use it to your advantage. A down day tomorrow is a good opportunity for long term investors to buy quality stocks and ETFs cheap.

  9. I often see your videos and find it entertaining and informative. Today's video where you assert that falling stock prices leads to lower CPI was dissappointing. High inventories, lower disposable income, high unemployment will likely result in lower CPI, but a lower stock index?

  10. Awesome! your potential seems limitless. When it comes to investing, people who have a financial plan are more prepared to meet the unexpected. Been into the experience since 2016 and I'mextremely pleased with the decision I made.

  11. SPIKE's COMING! SHORT SELLERS WILL LOSE LOTS OF $$!! Not about the MARKET. It's long squeeze, SHORT SQUEEZE against retail investors so rich get richer. TV's CLOWNS promote fear while buying. "Only dead fish go with the flow"

  12. < I have learned in recent months is to remain calm, especially when it comes to investments in cryptocurrencies. Learn not to sell in a panic when everything goes down and not to buy in euphoria when everything goes up. I advise y'all to forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses.The market is very unstable and you can not tell if it's going bearish or bullish. While myself and others are trading without fear of making a loss others are being patient for the price to skyrocket, I would say trading has been going smoothly for me, i started with 1.5 BTC and i have accumulated over 9.1 BTC in just three weeks, with the trading strategy given to me by expert trader Lewis Moore…

  13. I’m with Burry, the wheels are about to fall off the wagon. Yup, everyone knows the wheels are loose but does anyone really know the exact measures the Federal Reserve will take when they actually do fall off, and to what extent will the “pivot” be? Will it be a case of too little too late? Or will the move be just one more page flip in the UBI and CBDC playbook?

    * 4th Party Risk (think BASF Ludwigschafen) – all it takes is for it to go offline and commodity prices will skyrocket. Just one example.

    Nope, I don’t think for one second that just turning the QE/MMT machine back on is going to be enough.

    But then again, apparently we’ll own nothing and we’ll be happy.

    ** Automation (RPA’s and AI) and the global demographics story are pivotal in unraveling this mystery.

    Something to think about…

  14. I like the way everyone paints this picture of central bankers being master strategists, when really they're just bureaucrats bluffing their way through each meeting and making stuff up as they go to try and keep their cushy job for one more day.

  15. Michael Burry should be indicted with treason against the USA. This asshole is putting money down on making all of America suffer.. He's not collecting, he's assisting.

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