Michael Burry’s Warning for the 2022 Stock Market Crash

Michael Burry (known from The Big Short) is currently predicting a huge stock market crash for 2022. In fact he’s predicting a crash on the scale of the dot com bubble and the Great Recession of 2008. In this video, we examine his latest tweets about the U.S. economy, the Fed’s loose monetary policy, the looming consumer recession and just how bad the stock market could get.

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★ ★ CONTENTS ★ ★
0:00 How Burry Predicted The Housing Crisis
1:41 Burry Predicts the Inflation Crisis in 2021
3:03 Burry Predicts a Market Collapse
5:47 The Selling Hasn’t Even Started
7:06 Learning from History
8:15 A Consumer Recession
10:30 Summary

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  1. The reason Burry made money back in 2008 was because of a single big problem – specifically, vast numbers of cheap mortages given to people who were not going to be able to afford them once the cheap 3 year rate was up. A ticking time bomb with raw data as evidence showing the extent of the debt and the dates that this problem would surface. Plus this looming bad debt was sold in packages along with good debt, hiding the extent of the issue form almost everyone – meaning it was growing all the time. That single big issue made it relatively easy to predict a crash once the facts were known. I am not sure this time around there is such a single big issue. High mortages at low interest rates, means a sudden hike in interest rates will cause an adjustment – but a crash? Not necessarily because the rates will rise slowly not go to 10% at once. This time around Burry is theorising about inflation and interest rates which are much more difficult to predict. I doubt that Burry will be making the profit he did in 2005

  2. I think one thing to mention about the negative spending cycle in the US, is that the minimum wage has stagnated with inflation to such a degree that it's likely contributing to the debt spending. you've got people now who can barely commute to work, and there's a reason there's been a growing union movement in the US again

  3. As far as consumers are concerned, current inflation is just more of the same. People have been getting pinched by rising (inflated!) medical, educational, and housing costs for decades now.

  4. I never understood rising interest rates to avoid recession. Common sense would say that would hurt the economy….soon layoffs and bank closures are coming!

  5. Mate did u honestly see the shit there advertising on your channel it was my first video and as soon as the ad finished I left… scamming poeple looking for donations.. 700k abouslte joke the man should be locked up making himself a cult

  6. Elon Musk called him a broken clock – because they are always right at least twice daily. Elon knows he is right again, I think he was being funny/clever.

  7. Rising inflation means you lose money holding cash, rising rates means you lose money holding bonds, the stock market is tanking. Is there anywhere you can put your money to protect its value?

  8. Well without a doubt I agree with Burry's opinion. Here in canada infaltion is so out of control that just last month I bought a 800 gram tin of coffee for $15, now it's $20. over 50% of Canadians have admitted a rise in interest rates by a massive 0.5% to 1% would jeopardize their mortgages. Not to mention that a major GTA mortgage firm have now been shut down over fraud.

  9. usa trolling german companies like bayer is crazy. i, as german taxpayer gotta finance fkin usa fkin over german companies for billions while german politicians smile about that?! glyphosat bs and so on. are we allies or not? usa not better than china. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK

  10. Well you can't deny that he has been always right this far.!! So yeah, I believe in burry's prediction.!! But I do really pray and hope that it doesn't happen though.!! 🥲

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