Michael Flynn Utterly Vindicated as the Legacy Media and Dems Go into Full Damage Control

“But he plead guilty!” they say, as though that actually meant guilt:

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  1. Shaun Attwood has some great insight into the "justice system". Ideally, everyone should fight everything clogging the system and forcing them to prioritize serious, violent crimes.

  2. I guess the DNC is busy weaning Hillary off of her boxed wine so they can drag her out of her cave in time to appear at the Dem Convention and reign as the Presidential Nominee. This is hilarious. BTW why does a rich old lady worth hundreds of millions $$$ drink BOXED WINE anyway ??? LMAO

  3. Didn't his original lawyer come from a law firm that Eric Holder was a partner at? The same Eric Holder that said to kick conservatives when they were down?

  4. Here's where he is wrong. Federal prosecutors will not take a case unless they have years of evidence and know it's at least a 94% success rate. With one clear exception, political prosecutions. Which is what this is. Just like the case against Finest Dsouza. A technicality to punish him for his movies. Yet a Chinese businessman got no time (He was on trial for the same offense at the same rime).

  5. SJW's with TDS literally cannot hear you. These engineered Borg types are incapable of fairness & reason, & likely STILL believe Flynn is guilty of a crime. NPC's are happy Youtube bans science now. Book Burnings are good again, says the radical left ;(

  6. The mueller witch hunt was a covert money transfer, from the U.S. treasury into the pockets of deep state operatives – some of which will eventually find it's way into the pockets of dem politicians and the DNC as "campaign donations." JMO

  7. AND, it looked as a conflict of interest if Trump retained him. He had to let him go and I'm betting they talked about this because Trump seems to be a lot more knowledgeable of things than most people think. I think he knew what was going on and he told Flynn there was nothing he could do AT THAT TIME, but that he would vindicate him asap.

  8. The FBI trampled ALL OVER Michael Flynn's rights:
    1. FBI misrepresented the seriousness of the meeting.
    2. Requests for the FBI to speak with Senior Staff is usually routed through the WH counsel, who has a representative present during all meetings with the FBI (acting for General Flynn's interests.) No such counsel was present.
    3. FBI higher-ups wanted Michael Flynn prosecuted to discredit Trump. It was an attempt to make Trump and Flynn look like collaborators, playing into the 'Russia Collusion' hoax.

    General Flynn should be awarded damages and payback for $$$ spent on his defense.

  9. Yes, unfortunately for everyday Americans the justice system seems kind of a joke ! There are so many laws, that it appears every American breaks about 3 laws a day without realizing it. So, any prosecutor will dig until he finds what all the “crimes” are, “you” committed and then suggest a plea bargain until “you” admit your guilt ……. naturally, career criminals like the Clintons are above the law ….

  10. At the dawn of the universe, there was one being. When that being split in half it birthed creation as we know it; and what happened to those two halves you might ask? Split from birth, two halves of the one whole; Styxhexenhammer666 and TheRageaholic both stepped out into the star filled void.

  11. In all actuality, you are a bit off on your researching of the FARA. He was wasn’t working for Turkey, but his lawyers recommended he register with a FARA just in case. His lawyers helped him. It was a business in turkey, but they were going after him. Problem is you can do this retroactively. Tony Podesta did that and of course didn’t get in trouble.
    The Logan act is a damn farce. And the 302 was edited. The original said that they didn’t think he was being untruthful, but they “lost” it. And they still can’t find it. Lisa page and peter strZok did the edits.

  12. The first firm had eric holder as a partner. They were the ones who got him to plead,then took 2 years to get documents over to his new lawyer, Sydney Powell.

  13. No, it's time for the Left to face charges of sedition. It's amazing how much they have gotten away with already. But then they've been operating in plain sight under the assumption that they had full throated endorsement from an electorate whose necks they stand on.

  14. The same people that denied all of these facts 2 years ago are denying them now.

    All because orange man bad. These people are a lost cause.

  15. Wtf my notifications settings were changed. Lol
    Thanks YouTube for deciding what i should watch fucktard.
    Good video. Keep up the good work.

  16. I think very early on people were still thinking that the FBI was honest even Trump because you have to remember at first they were just telling him that Russia was trying to f*** with people. And they thought Flynn actually did something wrong and then once he was out of the office they didn't have the heat on them anymore that turned out to be completely false and just red meat

  17. The Central Park Five pled guilty also.  The left was so happy when they were allowed to change their pleas that they made a movie proclaiming them heroes of a corrupt justice system.  Will Hollywood make a positive movie about Flynn being railroaded?  Don't hold your breath while the hypocrites are still making cinematic product.

  18. Yes, and his attorneys withheld information that affected that 'guilty' plea, how Flynn would proceed. His old attorneys didn't show any  real pushback against the FBI on bring up his son, going after him,  and what they would do to him. So can you say he was advised in good way? Hell no.  And more than once it appears they withheld information for his consideration, thus him firing them.  So his old attorneys were in affect, 'ineffectual council." And I hope their actions – are being put on display and are sued.  For Obama to promote this situation  this as not following the 'rule of law' – he should apply those standards to Biden and Ukraine, to US Immigration enforcement – and Hillary's emails, etc. Where the FBI arbitrarily used things like lying and deportation's to squeeze people – threatening them prosecution and being kicked out of the country, even when Obama told the HS not to detain or prosecute anyone that are not doing anything wrong – committed no crimes, but was in the country illegally, this was his message to HOmeland Security for 8 years.—and yet I know case where in fact, a women was detained and deported due to minor overstay, just because she was friend of man they were investigating. She had no material information about the person or case against him, but dared to talk about how badly she was treated by the FBI And there was no accusations of lying -another guy in this same investigation rejected FBI offer to become an informant – and that was used to deport him as well, overstay on a student visa. Did Obama not give the FBI the message to not prosecute or detain people in the country illegally under an overstay or illegal entry, both are ways people come into the country – and don't leave, apparently not. This is how the FBI squeezes people – and third friend was returning from a Russian republic, with no charges lodged against him,  – to only find out he was denied entry – even when had legitimate green card – filed under a National Security Risk by the FBI and Homeland Security – all due to this one investigation. But the US has heck of time deporting M13 Gang members – as the Dems just protect these monsters – due to hating President Trump stance on Immigration. So it's funny how the rule of law doesn't apply to all people – and is used against them when the FBI decides to punish those that don't conform or publicly talks to the media about their treatment by the FBI. Makes them look bad – or when they don't like people . What is even more telling is that Obama won't set out facts listed in the legal motion to dismiss the case against Flynn filed to the Court.. Won't discuss them. An Obama – Harvard F-ing lawyer doesn't want to merit his comments with the facts laid out in the brief in the case – and his own witchhunt against Flynn, he had it out for him.

  19. We might be watching major mainstream media going extinct. Who looks for information on CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC anymore? The media tries to manufacture a narrative. Skip the major media.

  20. Also the threat of the maximum penalty if you take it to trial and lose (which designed supposed to be that way) it's wild. In the states if you've ever had a felony they can also use your therapist records regardless of HIPPA. The system is fucked. It took me over a year to plea out

  21. Your explanation of the Logan act isn't accurate and lacks context, because that applied to people pretending to be political officials in the 1800s. It was appropriate for a confirmed national security adviser to speak with a Russian ambassador when there was supposed election interference, they didn't have a case to begin with. I'm 2 minutes in and you got the story wrong several times. According to Flynn they blackmailed him by threatening his son. And the FBI notes said they were considering catching him lying to get him fired because he didn't know they knew about the phone call. This is my first video I've watched of yours and already it's inaccurate. You didn't accurately explain what the FBI did in the conversation with Flynn. They led Flynn to believe it was a friendly conversation among peers. Left out the part about Yates finding out about it from Obama, who knew the sordid details of the case. You left out Obama calling it perjury, which can only be committed if you're under oath.

  22. This is why the world should just really burn into nothing. Because if there is no god to punish these people then why should this world be allowed to exist?

  23. Obama revealed himself to be a.sociopath. He had no trouble framing a 3 star general, a 72 year old man with a new grandkid, sending him to jail and branding him a traitor.