Michael Flynn Was Just Totally Vindicated Despite the Modern Witch Trials

An enormous win for sense:

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  1. Obama said something very shocking early in his first administration that should have disqualified him immediately!..PUNISHISH OUR ENEMIES AND REWARD OUR FRIRNDS! what POTUS ever said that after winning the presidency.

  2. There’s just no way our freedom can continue without getting off the couch. In trying to see a bright side maybe some of us will get to see what it is like to truly live. I wonder what it will be like to have massive CPAP using platoons.

  3. Final proof that as I said years ago, when this legal shit started that it was 100% a political attack and were going to weaponize the justice system to attack him "for free" and what better than a commie intersectional advocate judge to do it for you?

    Sure, they take a risk that the judge has temporary burst of functional brain cells and kicks it out of court as should have been done from the start, but when it works, it's airtight "not their fault".

  4. I'm so glad I left the left. They lost their f'n minds! Treason level sh!t. I'm voting Trump. The left can never be allowed to have power ever again. They can't handle it.

  5. I have to disagree on the criticism of Judge Sullivan. His actions were on the separate issue of perjury in the guilty plea, not on the charge of lying to FBI. Sullivan smelled a rat–he'd been down this road before, with DoJ's ginned-up corruption charges against then-Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK)–and he did everything he could, within the bounds of judicial propriety, to dissuade Flynn from entering the plea. Now Flynn's exonerated and past and current DoJ people have to worry about subornation of perjury, denial of civil rights under color of authority, etc.

  6. FED: hahahaha! Plead guilty or well shove a hot poker up your bum.
    Anyone: "um…yeah, gonna go with a guilty plea there."
    FED: HAHA!! Now we KNOW you're lying!

  7. The lower court is still abusing Flynn — the Affirmative Action judge appears to be preparing for an appeal.

    The primary basis for targeting Flynn was not to attack Trump, but to silence Flynn because of his knowledge of Obamunistic crimes.

  8. In practice socialism is really an economic theory which advocates that the community (I.E. the government) should expropriates (I.E. steal by force) the means of production (I.E. privet business & companies)
    Capitalism is a flawed system (that consequently has a good deal of improvement to be made) but it has raised more people out of poverty & absolute poverty brought more wealth, freedom human well being & prosperity to more people across the world than any other economic model, why do you think all the first world countries are all capitalist?
    Compered to Marxism/socialism which has at best led to complete economic collapse (see Venezuela) too at worst led to the 3 greatest atrocities in human history (communist china 1, USSR 2 & Nazi Germany 3
    Nazi Germany 17 million (including 6 million Jews)
    Soviet Union 60+ million (due to governments suppression we will likely never get a full death toll)
    Communist china 100+ million (due to governments suppression we will likely never get a full death toll)
    Khmer Rouge Cambodia 1.5 to 2.5 million (that does not sound like much compared to the others until you relies that this is about a fifth of Cambodia's population)
    The western colonialism in Africa was racist, sexist, murderous & exploitative when they left Africa was impoverished & broken containing sum of the poorest places on earth, so it is actually quite impressive that a bunch of socialist leaders came to power & managed to make things even worse.
    Watch the video below to see what I am referring too.
    Why Socialism failed in AFRICA | George Ayitteh
    Death Of A Nation: The Khmer Rouge's Cambodia
    Other communist/socialist countries have similar stories, too many to recount hear.
    There exists no economic situation that Socialism cannot make worse!
    If you still disagree please tell me exactly how many million human beings you need to force into living as peasants so they can be starved to death will it take for you to give up on socialism?

  9. Flynn spent millions. 4 yrs of stress. He lost his home. He needs to Sue the doj and fbi. But if Trump loses Flynn won’t have a chance. His first lawyers screwed him over. They hired Eric holder! Lol

  10. It is worth watching the Viva Frei and Robert Barnes videos on this case. It really is a breathtaking scandal, this and the Russia hoax go beyond Watergate in my non expert opinion.

  11. K T Mcfarlane was viciously interrogated for 32 hours by gov't agents to extract a false Russia collusion ; she buckled but her husband stopped her…… no confession. Morgan Caine confessed to something he didn't do to save his wife ; he was promised 13 years ; he spent 34 years in prison.

  12. Unless something is done about it it's just TALK. We Americans have lost our way, unless anyone and I mean anyone will stand up the this deep state OUR nation is done for. Matter of fact OUR is done for.

  13. But 97.0% of Americans still think that simply if someone pleads guilty then they must be guilty . “Why would an innocent person plead guilty”? Im just sick of trying to explain this to dumb asses.

  14. The Flynn trial was a huge miscarriage of justice, a man who served and dedicated his life for his country to be treated like that is a disgrace, an absolute disgrace.

  15. At 7:12, you are absolutely spot on correct. Obama created the biggest political scandal of our lifetime, yet not a peep from the MSM.