Michael Knowles Reacts To Steven Crowder’s Cancellation

Michael Knowles reacts to the ongoing attempts to cancel Steven Crowder on YouTube and Facebook. Why are big tech coming for Steven Crowder so much? Will Crowder’s lawsuit when he sues Facebook and YouTube save him? Does Michael think it’s a victory to have MugClub, Daily Wire and other siloed membership sites? What happened to Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin Mcinnes? What can Conservatives do to protect themselves?

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Written by Chris Williamson


  1. The only time Gavin McInnes was funny was when he made a video trying to explain his black eye. One of the most cringe and ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. Made himself look like an utter idiot.

    Crowder is just insufferable. His Change My Mind series is just him taking on unprepared college students. When he debated Yusuf… my god. I’ve seen less flailing from a fish on dry land.

  2. MacCarthyism sought to prosecute crimes of treason, not to “ostracize”. Cancel Culture sucks but nobody’s going to prison unless they’ve broken the law.

  3. I really – REALLY – hope Paul Ryan is stupid. Because if he’s not, then he’s a despicable Nazi traitor to all that is decent in America!
    And so his ilk.

  4. Did he actually say cullons at 0:47? This is catalan for balls, it's spelled collons. How come an American uses a word in this rare, local, southern European regional language, that not many people speak? Very interesting

  5. Wait what.. gay frogs are real.. i'm shocked. Would you bet your career that that asshole was right about Sandy Hook?.. Still that is a matter for the courts to decide.. but in the meantime keep it real, unless you throw a disclaimer up there. WE can call it the Sidney Powell disclaimer.

  6. I said it before and I will say it again. If they can make people disappears on social media, they can make people disappear in real life. doesn't anyone remember the holocaust? People were dragged out of their homes in the middle of the night. If you think that could never happen in America, look around. Look how far we have fallen as a nation. America is now the laughing stock of the world. Do not be naive.

  7. No one said a single word when it all started with Andrew Anglin with the dailystormer. Now look. Little by little all of these channels will be censored including this one. You don't have to break the TOS they'll just ban you because your right wing. Trump should have actually stuck up for the people who helped him get elected, when youtube, Twitter, and goy-book were cleansing the internet of his supporters. Now it's too late the wheels are already in motion. By pass all of the social media sites and they'll just suspend your ways of making money through the internet.

  8. this guy is literally saying any conservative with moderate views are "the enemy". Does that sound like a healthy mindset to you ? This is a prime example of what is going wrong in society today.

  9. Not enforcing such standards is the basis of right wing philsophy…

    So we need to become leftists to beat the leftists?

    We would just replace them… and temporarily as we create a system they will eventually use against us.

  10. I think the only reasonable way to cancel is when it is done by individuals by way of blocking. Not by institutions or companies on a absolute scale. If you end up blocked by everyone, well it is a good thing for that community/society as everyone chose that result. I didnt particularly like Crowder, but dont like SNL either, but i like the fact there is a SNL that gathers people on saturday nites.