Michael Shellenberger SLAMS Media Coverage Of DAMNING Twitter Files Hearings, ‘NOT SURPRISING’

Author of San Fransicko, and Twitter Files author Michael Shelleberger breaks down what to expect from the Twitter Files in the future. #Twitterfiles #msm

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  1. If the request from trump is to censor a celeb grifter I think the Journalist have bigger fish to fry like FBI deep state censorship or why they ran election interference with the Hunter Biden laptop. They are way more important than trump tryna get Chrissy censored.

  2. How can you get an actual Twitter files reporter on and waste the time with partisan hackery? This must be the absolute least interesting and important angle. Bri seems like controlled opposition here.

  3. I watched this because I wanted to hear Shellenberger, but I usually don't bother because Bri is so painful when she talks. It's extremely obvious that virtually every twitter employee was left leaning.

  4. What I heard said was that people being fired from Twitter said there was requests from the Trump WH too – they said this on the way our the door from their job – and Matt Taibbi said he hasn't found that evidence yet.

  5. Things can't be understood on the Left and Right spectrum anymore. It's the Establishment, which includes RIINO Republicans and all Democrats against Trump and the populists. It's confusing because I don't hear the populists denigrate Neoliberalism, they decry the results of Neoliberalism. I don't hear them repudiate Reagan and his Neoliberalism, they repudiate the power of Corporations.

  6. If you get pulled over for DWI, it's not a defense to claim that people more sh*t faced than you left the bar at the same time or that they would have if they'd had a car. The job of the press is not to keep an even count of Dem malfeasance in relation to GOP shenanigans. It may be true that GOP partisans would have acted the same if they had the chance. It may be true that they did act the same but we don't have the evidence of it. How does that undermine the credibility of the evidence we do have? How does that make the stories as reported unfair or less newsworthy?

  7. 13:00 maybe you could go back ti muller: but Trump would sue before making a request, probably. plus, ppl lost thr mind from the second trump won; im not sure you could go to any period and find what the Libs want. we could cover some of the true Left censorship that we know hapnd…but the covid ones fall under that (at least broadly, bc it was in defense of capital collection.) world socialist website (but that is international, so…still bad but not outside of…its not what we need.) Trump team requests wld be balancing for LibTs, but…only access to twtr. & matt did the searches that would come to mind. _JC

  8. I really used to like Bri. When pressed, she falls apart. The FBI was running Twitter. Period. Trump was wrong, Biden was wrong. Repeal 230. This is the only thing that needs to be proposed. Any other position at this point is pro-intelligence community propaganda under certain circumstances is okay – wrong, it's never okay. She really believes in the benevolence of government like a child believes in Santa.

  9. Bri good grief. So don’t publish any of these stories unless you can be sure some Republicans stories aren’t being filtered too. Whistleblowers always provide the risk of information that has been sifted through. Your take is so pointless.

  10. Before begin this… If I am not mistaken Matt, Michael, Bari, Lee Fong, etc are have all openly stated they are open to input on any search terms anyone thinks would yield pay dirt.
    Bri, you know or have professional relationships with a couple if not all of them, I am sure they would be open to any search terms you offered to them.

    FWIW Keyword searches in databases like Twitter's generate an insane number of results, then you pare it down by dates, or maybe by limiting the keywords to subject lines, or body or even email addresses.
    Go into your own emails and type in a keyword for the entire email with a word you use often within your own job… the returned results will be staggering.
    Twitter is not going to release the entire archive of emails of an ongoing concern which is involved in litigation and has legal exposure. The fact that they are allowing searches to be done during office hours at Twitter's expense is above what most companies would do out of their own generosity. If a company agreed the best you could hope for would be done after hours at time and a half per employee per hour – YOUR COST, unless someone smuggled it out piecemeal, which then it is AGAIN, curated this time by the digruntled employee.

  11. Jeezo wiz! It is revealed that the government is pressuring private corporations to silence opinions that the government dislikes and all you care about is if your team was the victim, if it happened more to your team than the other, and if the reporters know/reveal the correct "score"? Stand for something! That the government even did this ONE TIME and got away with it is incredibly disturbing to anyone with a brain because it sets up a scenario where the government no matter who is in charge can do this over and over again to anyone and it will be accepted as normal. The power hungry WANT you to be distracted by how many times your team was a victim vs the amount of times it happened to the other side, while you are trying to keep score in a pointless game they are extending their illegal authority over opinions more and more!

  12. So, What is Elons motive? Is it that Elon Musk paid 44 billion dollars for Twitter because he thought if only he could make Democrats look a little bad, it will change voters opinions enough that it will benefit him? Or did he pay 44 billion dollars because he felt free speech was more important than some of his wealth? If his goal was to make himself wealthier & change the minds of the public, it's the most expensive failure I've ever heard of. People liked him and he had way more money before all of this.

  13. The issue is government censorship. Left or right, it doesn't matter. How big of a threat to our democracy could this be? I had to read "1984" in high school. Are we headed in that direction?

  14. WDC ,Hollywood, News, are the same thing. They sound and act like whiny kids. Think a big ol "time out" , is needed. Instead we PAY them. How crazy must we be, to listen and pay for the hogwash.

  15. There really is no such thing as a guest/journalist/writer/subject invited on this podcast to speak or answer questions. They exist merely as props or excuses for BJG to soapbox and pretend to slip in an actual question after a 5-min speech.

  16. Thank Twitter for censoring world class doctors for having a negative opinion on covid vaccine it would have stopped millions of people from getting vaccinated go Pfizer

  17. Only an idiot can defend section 230. We need to cancel sect 230, and fully implement the First Amendment in its place — through legislation making all social media platforms the explicit public street (the commons), as with any public utility/monopoly. We need zero censorship. We need zero govt officials talking to social media companies. The FBI is corrupt.

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