Michel Barnier loses grip on Brexit fishing talks!

It seems that Michel Barnier is stuck with having to argue the EU’s inarguable case to keep ravaging our fishing grounds.

It had seemed the Michel Barnier was coming round to realising that the UK will be taking back full control of its fishing grounds and will be running access to them in its own way in its own right.

But when the EU chief Brexit negotiator tried to pass that on to the 27 EU member states, it seems they told him to stick to the demands of the EU continuing to fish in UK waters in exactly the same way as they have done for years.




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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. If bojo gives up our fishing waters then the uk will be screwed as we all know that the eu fishermen are so greedy as it’s not just normal size boats it’s trawlers which carries about 5 boats worth of fish so say no way Boris.

  2. We need to No Deal these bastards. Apart from the 84% cod quota, the French can fish within 6 miles of UK shores, while the UK can only fish within 12 miles of French shores.

  3. Boris appeared to be a wet (Maggie Thatcher term) and a wimp
    Now he is roaring like a tiger
    Better this way than the other way round!
    (And when you compare to what UK had previously, the team of Dumb May and Dumber Rude!)

  4. Boris will give our fishing away for access to financial markets, british fishermen gave away and sold there quotas thats why ships from the EU plunder our shores

  5. Why the fuss about fish? The EU has a massive coastline. 80% of UK fish is landed in Scotland, and is sold to other European countries anyway. Most of what stays in UK/England ends up in pet food and fertilisers. What a massive and pointless distraction, you could say it's just another red herring in the brexicon process.

  6. Explain the sale of 80% of UK's quota's to Denmark,Germany,Norway long before the EU.Six UK fleets control UK waters nothing to do with EU.Farage turned up for 2/24 crucial fisheries meetings in Brussels.

  7. Explain UK having the 2nd highest catch year on year.Explain the UK selling 80% of catch to the EU.Explain what UK will do with excessive catch consider the radical right Brexiters (nothing to do with EU)if the EU closes it's airspace/waters to UK.

  8. Why are you idiots so intent in hobbling our economy for fish, it’s not like you eat the damn stuff, nor does it make any significant contribution?

  9. The government need to get tough with Brussels, they need our money, we import far more than we export, they will loose far more, no EU Fishing in our waters

  10. We allowed our fishing industry to be destroyed before, NEVER AGAIN. The U.K. Government must control ALL aspects of any fish quota allocation. NO SELLING IT ON MUST BE ALLOWED.

  11. Norway issues Fishing
    Licenses only to Norwegians or companies 60% owned by Norwegians. The
    UK seem to be following this same idea on reading the Fisheries Act

  12. Red herring alert: EU set precedents and precedence over UK "fishing grounds" keeping silent about valuable deep sea mineral resources hidden beneath.

  13. Barnier believes Boris will bottle it….. unfortunately I think he is probably right…. If our PM was passionate and really believed in Brexit the talks would be over now…. Boris is a sheep in wolf's clothing……


    The EU want their ships in British waters to hinder our vessels, they also want access so they can send us random unfair immigrants and migrants.

    NO!!!!!!!!! The United Kingdom is a set of Islands and water is our blood, We Brits need to protect ourselves and our blood.

    FISH????????????????? What about shipping lanes and oil and gas pockets?????????????? NO MENTION

    Well labled EU calling this debate fishing, OH YES just fish is really really important NOT!!

  15. Has the EU just got a trade deal with China? so if we stay in the EU we have to pay Brussels money to trade with China when if we are out we trade with China for free or is that just to simple.

  16. Sink all of them remember every EU BOAT on the seabed catch no fish . If we were in the wrong they would not hesitate to attack , arrest , or damage any UK boats . So we must take what would be their action , and if necessary sink all trespassers. After all they are only froggies and they are totally untrustworthy .

  17. All this hoo-ha about fish ? Sure we can claim all the fish . Just as they can claim we get zero access to single market and no customs union , no uk lorries in EU or anything in their jurisdiction! So where will that get us ? You do realise that when Scotland succeeds from uk and becomes an independent nation, the vast amount of fish will get caught by Scottish fishermen? You do realise that don't you ? And make no mistake Scotland will succeed from uk in this Brexit Empire madness. So good luck with your fish .

  18. When we eventually do grant limited fishing licences to the eu, we should make it a condition that illegal immigrant return is part of it. I know the 2 aren't connected, but neither are some of the eu's demands and an FTA. See how they like it.