Michelle Obama Can’t Make Case for Candidate Offering NOTHING!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. Michelle looked so stressed despite putting up good appearance. I didn't see Laura Bush did this to Barack. All they are trying to do is to kill many of their sins…. RussiaGates!

  2. As a black voter, I am voing for Trump because he doesn't pretend to us, he is an idiot who tells me he doesn't care much about us better than the Obamas lying to us

  3. As a conservative, so much of what Jimmy D. stands for resonates with me. He's honest. He's willing to take on ALL of the liars and corporate shills. I used to think the Republican party represented my core values but that's changed, and in large part because Jimmy (and Stephanie and co) has opened my eyes to the fact we're all being played for suckers by the D's and R's while they get rich and gain more and more power. This country needs a 3rd, 4th maybe even a 5th party to keep these bloodsucking elitists honest. Keep up the good work, sir, you've got a BIG fan in me.

  4. It is actually POLITICS that offers nothing. The 'ruling party' controls politics so claiming there will be a solution through politics is a sure failure. Political actions are useless.

  5. Remember BP petroleum that caused an oil disaster in the waters of the US during Obama's govt., where the criminal CEOs/executives prosecuted in the US courts after the disaster? I can't remember that it ever happened and she wants the Democrats back in office, nope.

  6. Democrats say anything

    Jimmy: GeT oWnEd LiBs! DoG wHiStLe WoRdS!

    The president is a super spreader of a pandemic and wouldn't condemn white supremacists.


    You're not a progressive. You're a grifter.

  7. I voted for Obama twice and then for Trump.
    I've not been completely happy with Trump, but never expected him to do much anyway.
    While people say it shouldn't be a lesser of two evils vote, I disagree.
    I believe Hillary would've made our lives a living hell.
    Look to the worst Governors in the country like Newsom, Cuomo and Whitmer
    and Hillary would be them x100.
    I've thought about not voting for President this time around.
    I've said to myself, it doesn't matter.
    And yet, it does.
    I don't think many people understand the kind of hell on earth we will live in with Biden/Kamala running the show. These people have already made it clear they don't care about our rights, Democrat Governors, if you're living under one are the evilest people on the planet.

    The FBI arresting those 13 people yesterday?
    Many of us know the Constitutional attorney in Michigan who is working to keep Whitmer's power in check by organizing protests and obtaining signatures to take away her tyrannical power.
    Those guys arrested? They were a part of the constitutional movement.
    The FBI framed them for daring to challenge Whitmer.
    They never talked about kidnapping her or bombing her place.
    Those arrests were to send a message to the public,
    the constitution and bill of rights are evil,
    if you question our authority, we will destroy the rest of your life.
    They are smearing them and lying about all of it.
    Does anyone understand the evil we are dealing with?
    Under Biden/Harris, it will get worse and worse and worse.

    While Trump is not perfect, he's not ordering people to lose everything and killing off seniors in nursing homes. So while I'm not happy with Trump, I'm voting anyway.
    The agenda, when you dive in deep with people like Whitney Webb, is so huge and so evil it's difficult for most people to accept and comprehend. How could these people be this evil?

    So yes, Trump is far from perfect, he seems like he is forced to go along with some of it, but we do know he will fight back and open his big mouth. Biden/Kamala would never fight back against tyranny.
    I hope people who hate Trump, bite the bullet, and vote for him anyway.
    The alternative is Gulags, mayhem, death and chaos.
    And if you've looked at any of Whitney Webb's stuff, you know I'm not lying.

  8. Can't wait to give Michele my money for Reparations even though my family was poor immigrants that came to the US in the 1930s

  9. One additional point, our country and historians are so fortunate that Michelle Obama's disingenuousness, falsehoods and propaganda are forever preserved for perpetuity on the Internet and in video archives.

    Her husband and the Obama administration will "go down in history" (Barack Obama's Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets) as the MOST politically corrupt presidential administration in American History. FOREVER linked to their failed acts of sedition, obstruction of justice and their ongoing criminal conspiracy to evade prosecution.

    Vote in person on November 3, 2020.

    Vote R.E.D. (Remove Every Democrat).

    Trump / Pence 2020!!

  10. Ok so if Biden is not offering anything more than Trump, why must I vote for him (Biden)?
    At least a fringe candidate may offer something else than these 2 elitist pigs.
    Won't win but he/she is putting something on the table instead of more fracking, more wars, more student debt, more medical bills, climate change ignorance…o and seized assets and no jobs to go along with all that.
    So how can this be a wasted vote?

  11. Millionaire whines "racism prevents me from doing my duty" from, her mansion on 48 acres on Marth's Vinyard. I can't believe the enthusiasm we had for these sociopaths.

  12. Michelle O' is so arrogant! She comes across as the 'Great Mother From The Sky', while condescending to all of us inferior children who need her tough luv from above…???
    She must be scared about what will happen to her and her hubby & buddies, like the Clintons, the Podestas, Comey, Brennan, etc… etc… These people are Sick!

  13. Wel, Trump only talks shit, but he never started a new war, his economy was good personally for me, so idk.
    Deep state will never let for any president to end all these wars.

  14. As someone who has worked around people who have excessive wealth for most of my life I feel that once you get to certain wealth level you lose reality with the rest of us no matter what. Once you have enough money to not have any REAL Problems about 95% of people just become assholes and it doesn’t help that they only have rich friends. There are a few people who are not corrupted by money but it is extremely rare!

  15. ALERT: Look into the legalized pot ploy from Democrats.
    I just learned about it the other day in their documents.
    They knew they couldn't win on their platform, so they throw pot legalization in the mix to get you to vote for them and then they go about with their soul-destroying agenda.
    Yes, pot should be legalized, but nobody should vote for these people for that reason.
    Don't fall for it.
    Research it for yourself.