Michelle Obama “Traumatized” & Mad At Voters For Not Supporting Hillary

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  1. I'm traumatized by the amount of entitlement by the "Central Committee" of the Democratic Party. Remember how much we were outraged by the whole "raise your right hand and take a loyalty oath to Donald Trump" schtick at Trump's conventions in the 2016 run? The DNC all but wants the same ownership of 'its' voters. Homey ain't playing that game!

  2. The First Lady is correct: the onus of putting Hillary in the White House was on the voters. We still have a misogynist problem in this country which is why, instead of voting for Hillary to avoid the colossal waste of space that is Trump a bunch of people (like you, who selfishly voted for Stein, knowing she wouldn’t even come close to winning) either voted third party or didn’t vote at all – which gave us the Oompa Loompa.

    As for minimum wage increase and healthcare, do you not remember who was in control of the House and Senate the entire time President Obama was in office? Not only did the GOP stonewall Obama’s every move, stonewall every bill he tried to get passed, stonewall the indigent from seeing any real progress in Obama’s two terms – they blocked Merrick Garland from Senate confirmation and tried to make Obama a one term president.

    Now, about Biden, he may be a “sexual assaulting, cognitively-declining war criminal” (I have yet to see any hardcore proof of those claims – especially of him being a war criminal) but so is Trump. There is one sole accusation against Biden from a woman who’s changed her story three times since she yapped her trap. I don’t know about you, but to me that kiiiiiiiinda says something, like maybe her credibility isn’t really as up to snuff as people initially thought. She needs to be investigated much more thoroughly.

    As for Trump, there are 25 women with 25 credible, fact-based testimonies as to the violence and sexual abuse they endured by Orange Man. It was all over the news and in interviews, by women who were 100% credible, and witnesses to back up said disgusting behavior – but did Trump ever face the music? Fuck no! He got out of it just like he gets out of everything else: money, connections with powerful people, and strong-arming the victims into strict secrecy whom he believes can and will destroy him by proceeding with the allegations. That’s always how he eludes any and all attempts at taking responsibility for his own actions.

    For you to say that none of these other points in time contributed to Hillary’s loss is at best ignorant. Comey fucked up by dropping the charges only to reintroduce them days later, screwing up Hillary’s chances at winning the election. Then there’s the Russia collusion/conspiracy which clearly implicated Trump and many of his known, crooked associates from all across the globe, some of which were in his own family.

    The evidence was piling up on Trump but the Russians and our own people – the GOP – worked very hard and were very successful in gaslighting the entire world, making them believe he really didn’t work with the Russians to win the presidency. “Russia, if you’re listening – I hope you can find Hillary’s thirty thousand deleted emails.”

    And the rest, as they say, is history!

  3. Disappointed in the rank-and-file voters? WTF? I live in Detroit. Donald Trump campaign here hard, even in AA churches! Hillary showed up once in 2016 for one lame rally. SHE LOST MICHIGAN BECAUSE SHE SAT HOME!

  4. She's not wrong a Clinton presidency world have handled the Pandemic better and world no doubt been better on nearly every other issue .

  5. If they want our votes maybe they should actually care about our interests instead of contemplating how far they can fit corporate dong up their simpering butt holes.

    You hear that everyone? We didn't bow fast or hard enough for Ms. Obama. When we expect them to win our votes by support our interests it's really just bullying isn't it?

  6. Maybe if her husband did a better job Americans wouldn’t have fled to the extremes. People don’t do such things if everything is going well and if their lives are doing better

  7. if you take away clinton and trump, but if you had to choose between “ImWithHer” and “Make America Great Again”, im sure most would choose the latter. Her message sucked, and her policies. Voter enthusiasm and turnout is real and Biden is losing enthusiasm by 29 points vs Trump.

  8. Oh how fuckin' rich lol. I wish, WIIIIIIISH, that there was anybody besides Trump in the same position so he could beat a Biden/Michelle ticket. She's a guy

  9. I am a new listener, I like your logic and most of ideas, however I don't understand why you are so obsessed with minimum wage. There are so many research done on this showing that up min wage will cause more problems than actually benefit the people who need it.

  10. What an utter dope! Of course she’s traumatized that progressives helped elect a bigoted racist admitted sexual predator with a narcissistic personality disorder. The amazing is that you aren’t! As a Sanders Supporter I can’t for the life of me figure out why you wouldn’t just do what Bernie asked you to do. Kyle is a wing nut.

  11. As time has gone by after the Obamas left office, the more & more of their elitism has shown. Jimmy Dore did a very good video on how she said there’s something wrong with women who didn’t vote for Hillary where he showed all the people in communities in MI who get disenfranchised by the Democratic Party.

  12. Why do they all forget that Hillary won the damned popular vote? If several more millions voted for her, it wouldn't have made any difference. Hillary herself forgets that and blames Bernie and Jill Stein and everything but the Electoral College which was the real culprit.
    Maybe the DNC should have given us a candidate who didn't suck and they would've also won the electoral vote. Glad to see they're not repeating the same mistake ???

  13. I despise republicans but I also despise Michelle Obama. Her and her husband were nothing than phony opportunist. No better than Clinton’s and Bushes.

  14. F-ck you Michelle! Your husband is OUR trauma. We can thank him and Clinton for Trump. We dont owe you guys our votes!

  15. Oh rich sell out Michelle "traumatized" aww she so sad, and i care how? Michelle don't you and your husband need to go kiss JP Morgan a&&.Or go find her war criminal buddy Bush.

  16. I voted for Obama for his first term. I haven't voted since. I won't vote until there's an actual chance for change. I wasted 4 years on Bernie, for Klobuchar to drop out the day before and endorse BIden. He won Minneapolis…Morons.

    The only Good Michelle did was try to help kids not be obese…then you look into it,and Obama made it eaiser to put shit in our food.?‍♂️

  17. All this shows is that these people (DNC elites, the media, etc) don’t view voting as what it is: A ballot cast in favor of whom you support.

    Rather, they view voting as some strange formality and that they’re actually just “owed” electoral results. Somehow, in their mind, the sheep (I hate the term, personally, but let’s be real here) didn’t fall in line and anything less than that is a failure on the public’s part. It’s wild that they don’t perform any degree of introspection and align the party to their base’s (and the public’s, at large) beliefs and desires.

  18. He had every opportunity in his first two years with super majorities in both houses of Congress but spent his time bending over backwards and forwards for the Republicans and shafting in his own constituency every Monday and Thursday…. Michelle Obama go away!

  19. As if Hillary Clinton and the DNC weren't corrupt to the core.. Who is she trying to kid? Those primaries were rigged.. while her husband sat on the sidelines like a straw dummy and let it happen… kind of like he did when those water protectors in North Dakota we're getting fire hosed in mid November.. sat there like a straw dummy and let it happen what it mattered most.. and that will always be he and his wife's legacy..

  20. RE: Cozying up to war criminals — Michelle, with no irony at all, actually referred to Bush as "My partner in CRIME". Hate to say it, but in my assessment she's not very bright.