Michigan Governor MIA The Last 3 Years Also Maricopa County Audit Exposing The Dirty Politicians

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Now people are really seeing these individuals true colors you must do what’s best for the people and if not then it’s gonna be a short ride take care and god bless



Hope you enjoy

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Written by Sivaady


  1. Wow great video! I am not surprised by this governor she has done some very questionable things over the last several years. We have to be responsible with our freedom. We cannot neglect the God-given rights that he has given to us truly eye-opening!

  2. Sivaady greatly appreciate you sending out this information of truth you are a Great PATRIOT ? ?????? We are Winning and Every single day We are getting Bigger. I know in my heart there will be a future for America. God Bless You and All Truth Telling Patriots ? ?

  3. The fight is just beginning and we all have to stiffen our spines and remember what is at stake if we do not succeed. There's nowhere else to go. They want to to take our country and fundamentally transform it. isn't that right Obama? With Godspeed i hope Trump becomes Speaker. Then the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens and the crooked DOJ are finished. Same with Antifa and BLM.

  4. I could not help but fall into the floor……….????. I wonder if the “employee” was just getting back at her, or was being a wise “hiney”………..If that only were for sure true, I would really love it! I wonder if the SOS has been “missing” as well…GO MI, get that double check done❣️❣️❣️??????

  5. The swampy bureaucrats needed to be put to the test to see their true colors, exactly right Sivaady! Thanks! Teach them to push us around! I'm thinking of creating a declaration sheet, "I am not a sheep"…with line after line of facts about CV and masks, vax, to give to doctors and nurse we have to go see who blindly follow every mandate. This was the test.

  6. They’ve been setting up their power for yrs with a shadow government and last yr was the time to completely take power, if the machines didn’t glitch u would now be oblivious.

  7. Primary all those crooks. The time is now America! I'm taking back my country, I've been in contact with my legislative rep and senator s. We have the power people, get involved and get into the fight. This communist crap has got to stop. Keep up the great work siv! Your a patriot.

  8. So let me get this right Mayor Lori Lightfoot goes full The Shining behind the scenes and This Governor Whitmer doesn't even go to the office. Like this is absolutely absurd. Who is voting for these people, their works are easily traceable through covid numbers and how their policies have impacted the economy but people still just don't get it.

  9. Half the members of the group that kidnapped Whitmer were FBI agents and informants. Now we know that the others knew that but needed to bring them in just to find her! Lol. ?????✌?