Michigan Shocking Findings Mike Lindell Punched Arizona Senator Making History And Georgia SOS Mess

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So many findings and details coming out everyday just have which falls first what a time to witness this all take shape take care and god bless



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Written by Sivaady


  1. Anyone with a brain knew it was stolen when all 5 swing states flipped between 3:00 am and 5:00 am. Totally impossible. It doesn't take Lt. Columbo or Sherlock Holmes to figure it out. ? However, for the most popular candidate ? in the most secure election of all time, ? they putting a big effort into stopping the audits that would legitimize CHINA JOE AND HIS MASSIVE 9 CAR RALLIES. ?

  2. Michigan Wayne co had 134 precinct with zero registered voters cast 171,705 votes. This is more than what Trump lost by in the state. Michigan is the most obvious case of fraud. Look at the Wayne county election clerks website and look at the last 13 pages of the report and see for your self .

  3. Georgia needs a real forensic Audit and then Brad will eat his words. Those D machines which WERE hooked into the internet flipped the E in the middle of the night.

  4. Just throwing a temper tantrum like they always do. They don't get their way and they all revert back to their childhood.. Well except for Joe. He reverted a long time ago and ain't returned yet. He was calling out for mommy still lol.

  5. They better start soon in Michigan and Wisconsin because dominion by order of the sos are deleting the ballot images off the machines in violation of federal law.

  6. Cyber Experts could NOT analyze PACKET CAPTURES at the Cyber Symposium and that is a big disappointment. Experts reported the data presented by Lindell was not really Packet Capture data and no analysis or conclusions could be made.

  7. You see what we are letting china influences doing to us. What division politics has done. Sad they the marxists, and socialists are doing, never has America been so split since the civil war. Band together, Demacrats, Republicans and independent, and show solidarity. Stop this attacking people for what they believe and just get along.

  8. Clements and Salty lulu are trying to hyjack the audit movement and redirect it into the courts where it will be squashed. The only true audits are from Josh Barnett and Dave Jose. Why is Frank hyjack the movement? He has no fruits. They have infiltrated the@America first movement being done be the people. Infiltration again.

  9. SHOWS HOW "INFERIOR" DEMOCRATS ARE that THEY HAVE TO CHEAT AND COMMIT VIOLENCE "IN ORDER TO WIN" IN POLITICS!! That is an INFERIOR OPPONENT.. 100%.. yah Brad.. that's why you had that raid a couple weeks ago.. KARMA DUDE?????????????

  10. Judge in Georgia seals documents that prove voting machines are very unreliable and hackable according to daily beast. She seals the information so not to fuel conspiracies that the 2020 election stolen what? Don't you ? think when you seal shit and keep it hidden that would fuel suspicion and conspiracies?

  11. Mike said two people ran up to him and supposedly wanted a picture with him and the guy put his hand in his ribs. He said he didn't know what he was doing.. He said it hurt but he is ok. Yeah you think someone is gonna be ok then they get close and pull a sneak move on you.

  12. They get Detroit its "GAME OVER MAN!!!!!" They are raiding politicians houses now so you KNOW they are DESPERATE!!!!!! Get ready for the kick'n chicken dace with your partner a NOOSE!!!!