Mickey Mao Curbs Carano: A Rant

Truth is… Disney+ was crap from the start.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. One of the first movies shes in, shes driving in reverse trying to get away from bad guys. Its so horrible a deer jumped in front of the car and killed it self.

  2. Gotta love the false equivalencies from the smoothbrained sophistry brigade. Ah yes, clearly bullying an individual and getting them fired for something they said or a belief they hold is the same thing as boycotting a company for something it did.

  3. At least Razorfist understands that the Mandalorin was nothing special. Honestly. This isnt going to change anything. The fact the weak and stupid masses this show a success in the first place, not even speaking of the platform itself. Well, I doubt enough has cancelled thier D+ to matter. Give it a month and those that did will come crawling back like a starved dog when Favro throws another bone covered in fan service.

  4. I mean, considering since Disney bought Star Wars that The Mandalorian is really the only thing approaching good to come out of that franchise, I can het why people like it.

    As is, I’ll jus continue trying to not give Disney money – at some point they’ll try to buy the parts of my childhood they haven’t already…

  5. Even all of us together lack the power to cancel Disney in any capacity. They control the platform themselves, we can't remove it.
    What we CAN do is refuse to consume what they put out on the platform. That would be them collapsing from a consumer boycott, not a cancellation.
    Cancel culture is simply a coward's form of execution in the information age. Just like in other feudal systems the peasants lack the ability to execute the lords.

  6. Cancel Disney +? Never had it in the first place. Stop giving money to these companies that do things you don't like and then act surprised when they do something you don't like.

  7. sometimes I wonder what is the real number of those "celebs" 100% approving wholeheartedly the progressive agenda and cancel culture…and in that number how many is just to not get cancelled

  8. “I don’t support this companies ideals so I’m not going to give my resources to them”

    “Why are you cancelling my non-binary coffee shop you fucking bigot”

  9. Star Wars is crap these days anyway. I don't know why anyone with half a brain would want to watch any of the new content. The original Expanded Universe lore was better.

  10. As upper echelon games pointed out, it is completely hypocritical of the people who called for her to be canceled because of this not also going ahead and canceling their Disney Plus accounts because of Disney being complicit in and thanking the people who are performing an active genocide over in China

  11. Something tells me you keep mentioning anthony fantano because you’ve written an extensive rant about him and would like to unleash it but he has to say something bad about you first?

  12. You asked why people like the Mandalorian, and I think it's mostly because they're desperate to have something Star Wars in their lives again and the Mandolorian's the first show that doesn't overtly hate the fans or shit on the universe as bad as the sequels or the high republic does.