Migrant Facilities Overwhelmed as Bidens Immigration “Plans” Backfire

Will AOC go do a photo op there?:


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  1. My husband and I came legally when my husband was transferred to the USA as a scientist. Now we almost are through the green card process and maybe we won’t get it because we would have to get like 7 vaccines in A very short time because our German doctor notes are not enough proof.
    Refugees can come with health conditions and without vaccines. They also can bring as many kids as they want to, related or not. We are not allowed to adopt outside the USA ( and in the USA adoption is almost impossible)

  2. I disagree with you when you say they'll find a way to defend Biden, they'll blame Trump for everything that goes wrong. It'll be like South Africa, where something goes wrong (and a LOT goes wrong here), is always blamed on Apartheid. The same situation will happen.

  3. The MSM has specified that “illegal immigrant” must be used. All must be called “migrants.”. That policy was put in under Trump I think.

  4. DeBlasio buying up foreclosed property in NYC makes sense now. That's where illegal aliens will be taken after they're processed on the boarder. Democrats have always advocated for slavery.

  5. Biden can't hide forever.
    Even the fake news will tired of it and start pushing for more information.
    Biden will lose it live and get overthrown next day. He can't hide for 4 years.

  6. Dementia Joe is a feature, not a bug. Whoever is behind the scenes has free reign- implement whatever progressive program he/she/they want. Biden is a fantastic tool for all kinds of insanity.

  7. Slavery is legal in the US. Owning a slave is illegal but stealing my labor (taxes on labor) and giving it to a third party is legal. The third party is getting my labor without my consent. Sounds like slavery to me. How about you.

    What’s worse is that the nefarious wealth tax is being discussed. So, tax my income now and the tax my wealth that I acquired from what was left after paying taxes on income. Don’t be fooled about a wealth tax on the rich. That was how the income tax started. We know where that has gone.

  8. Dementia is a serious disease. Shame on the Biden family for allowing the Democratic Party to use and abuse their father as a puppet, on a world platform. I would never vote for Biden and I will never believe 80M ppl did either. Give us a break demoRats!

  9. This is about Agenda 2030 over on the UN website. Obama was pushing for it….Hillary was supposed to keep it going but lost even with massive cheating….and since Trump caused them four years of interference, theyve turned the stove up to 500F to try to get back on the schedule people like Soros are demanding.
    They dont care if criminals are coming in. They want to bring in as many as they can so they can give them amnesty and voting rights. Id think it'll happen before the midterms, but they may hold out till 2024.
    My bet is they spent 14 months or so dragging them in…turn them loose in places like Texas since they need to turn the state to have permanent control of the House…..and theyre already looking at permanent Senate majority by turning Puerto Rico and DC into states…four more seats, lmfao.
    If they can get TX flooded with illegals and give them all amnesty….game over. Civil war is literally the only remedy at that point.
    Demokkkrats are terrorists. How do you deal with terrorists? They cant be reasoned with.

  10. I know you keep trying to shove people off YouTube, but it’s my choice to watch here and I’m not moving. All putting two videos elsewhere does is makes sure I don’t see them. Put them up here and I’ll watch them though.