Migrants and International Students Return – Rent will surge

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The return of migrants and international students will increase the pressure on the rental market.


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  1. I think half of India is here , not just housing will be an issue, so will Birthing suits , there clogging up the wards . There coming here on visas and having babies , this is a fact .

  2. It only affects appartments and units in citys near university.

    But as I say Australia is booming, so much money everywhere and demand on everything is going to increase..

    Go Australia..

    Complain complain, but Australia is in the top 1% of the richest people in the world.

  3. They will have no choice but to cap rental increases as they did in the past. You can't just have out of control rents and thousands of homeless and their kids setting up tents in the streets and parks. The elderly and disability pensioners have to live somewhere they can afford too. If the government pays rental assistance it means they are admitting responsibility to house people, so the onus is on them to keep housing available, affordable and sustainable for the economy as a whole.

  4. Yes these service jobs at the University are the jobs that replaced industrial manufacturing jobs after they were all off shored.

    I like looking at youtube videos of Australia from the past. No nanny state, no high vis vests and clothing. And the men looked like men, not soy loaded feminized boys!

  5. The one million vacant homes in Australia need occupants.
    Laws must be decreed to allow squatting with owners penalised with a flat annual tax of $25,000 until the law is enacted.

  6. The banking sector can't afford a huge decrease in home values. It'd affect their balance sheets badly because they're still heavily exposed to derivatives. The government will do whatever is necessary to keep real estate values high, including mass temporary and permanent migration. That's my assessment.

  7. Rent inflation can raise the CPI, because people need to earn more money, to pay for a roof over their head. Otherwise businesses are in dire straits if they cant find enough workers – Maybe the new government borrows an idea from German Labour Party – The Social Democrats – "Der Mietdeckel" = The Rent-Lid, a mandatory maximum rent, that landlords can demand.

  8. Student accommodation will not affect rents. Those studio apartments which are designed for students, are empty. Grown ups don't rent there. Just another lazy doom and gloom piece.

  9. I seriously doubt the student numbers will reach pre-virus numbers for years, landlords holding out and hoping will be very disappointed.
    "418,168 international student enrolments in 2020". I don't know how many did not come to Australia in the past 2 years, but it must be a considerable number, many would have entered 3-5 year courses at home. That is a lot of students that would have been here renting for the next 1-3 years, and will not be.

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