Mike and Jay talk about The Simpsons – “Marge in Chains”

Mike accidentally watched the episode “Marge in Chains” and noticed a few other things besides Coronavirus and Murder Hornets… He tells Jay all about it. Jay doesn’t care.

Written by RedLetterMedia


  1. Y'know even if Simpsons would become better again, what does it matter? The concept of the show is very limited and completely milked out. They did every reasonable and unreasonable thing imaginable. At this point all the creative talent would be put to better use in any new projects.

  2. Sadly here in latin america, the simpsons will never be good again, since the OG dub voice actors were replaced with the most obnoxious voices ever. The voices for Homer and Marge are awful.

  3. I'm just speaking out my ass here but it's rather like 1984 which it parallels current events and attitudes. In reality, it's because nothing has changed. What I'm saying is that current events were most likely similar to what was going on at the time.

  4. The creators of the Simpsons are from the future and came back to warn us of things to come without totally destroying the fabric of reality. Best way to do that is to create a cartoon that seems like it's just an innocent TV show.

  5. I don't think it's about Simpsons predicting the future, its more so about how modern American society is turning into a cartoon.