Mike Lindell RAIDED by FBI as MAGA Warfare Continues PLUS MyPillow FBI Crime Scene Photos


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Purveyor of Restful Sleep and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was RAIDED by the FBI at a Hardees drive-thru, where Federal agents seized his phone. Harmeet Dhillon represents others who have been harassed and prosecuted by the FBI and the FBI releases crime scene photos.

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  1. Who remembers when Hillary had her devices smashed with hammers and her servers deleted? Her aids who committed the crimes were given cart blanche criminal immunity.

  2. Mike Lindell has caused a LOT of damage for Trump and MAGA/GOP, he's a farce and not very intelligent. But wtf guys, he's a harmless dupe. I don't see how this is OK. This feels like a night of the long knives type event, it's getting out of hand.

  3. This is what the Mar-a-lago raid was all about. They tried AGAIN and couldn’t find anything to nail Trump. So now they will use that as another excuse for an even BROADER search. These people are so evil. God is ultimately in charge and I bet He’s sitting up there and laughing at them right now.

  4. Hey! Show some respect for the FBI 'boys'. Either that or buy a convincing burner (and empty) phone to hand over to them. 😁 Good advice for everyone, especially with the high crime rate in the USA these days. /Seriously, thanks so much producing these videos. This is wath the country needs.

  5. fbi is digusting but you Rob are really entertaining and funny…Fed bath and beyond…and the fbi with their pillows…..keep up the great work….i laughed all the way thru…….lets keep laughing at them….angels love the laughing

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