Mike Pence NUKED Kamala Harris From ORBIT In The Debate, Trump REFUSING “Virtual” Debate With Biden

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  1. i've got a relative that does the same laugh-at-you kind of crap. she does that and other things to act like she's the adult in the room, similar to harris and clinton. she's a liberal too. funny. it's all about the posturing i guess. gag.

  2. No your emotions about her are absolutely the same than mine. She looked and behaved awkward, unrealistic, plastic-like and like a machine without emotions.

  3. I don't care about the moderators schedule. I don't care about getting all their questions asked. I only care about getting real answers. I am more than happy to sit through a five hour debate, or listen to it over the course of a few days on my morning runs, so long as I great real ANSWERS.

    I think the establishment understands that's what the people want. I think the establishment is terrified of that idea gaining traction in the public zeitgeist.

  4. She literally never gave ONE SINGLE ANSWER to any question! These debates are stupid anyway. We need a long form debate and make them actually answer shit. All thier doing is killing enough time to avoid the question. We NEED a Joe Rogan moderated debate on Rogans terms! We need that more than ever!!!!

  5. Some thoughts on the VP debates.

    Pence was very effective regarding Fracking I thought. I don't believe anybody is dumb enough to believe the fracking flip flop, and other recent flip flops. We know Democrats lie to get elected, and then predictably revert to their far left agenda after the election.

    Kamala Harris had a fairly effective strategy of laying a carpet bombing of false propoganda at the end of her later debate questions, like 6 bombs in a row, all falacious and debunked, (Trump said this, this and this) all out of context or completely false) that Pence would have to spend more time taking them each apart.

    It was a successful tactic since there is no way to respond to a 15 second carpet bombing without a minute to explain why each one was basically a lie, but it was also dishonest and dirty, and I think most Americans will see thru it, and I think Pence's responses, especially with the time constraint, were adequate to partially balance them.

    I also noticed that even with the last question posed by the 8 year old girl, about all the fighting, tearing down, and angry tactics, Pence geared his answer to be a positive one aimed at that age group, whereas Kamala Harris actually threw some of the exact kinds of barbs the girl was talking to in her answer, in other words, Yea we hate when Orange Man Bad does that also, and that is why young people should vote for us.

    Overall I thought it was a draw on performance. On actual veracity and class Pence won hands down on facts and records. The Democrats have to lie and misconstrue, take things out of context and play dirty. A person who knows little about politics might not realize she was doing that however. The fact checks will favor Pence in this debate, as they Favored Trump in the last one.

    Kamala denied her own stance on fracking and Tax increases, and Pence pointed it out, as one example of a fact check win. You can't claim to abolish the tax cuts in one breath and claim you are not therefore going to preside over higher taxes in the next.

    Neither one answered the transition of power question, tho Pence gave a great answer which is that the Democrats still haven't conceded the LAST election. The reason neither candidate answered about discussing their VP transition to President with their running mates in an emergency is because it was a B.S. filler question. The Constitution provides the template, so both candidates wisely used their time to address other issues.

    This debate won't change any minds. It was used by Kamala to regurgitate false propoganda about racism and denigration of the military by Trump, and people that believe that are going to believe it no matter what Pence says about it.

    It was used by Pence to basically re-iterate a policy of having a fair deal with the world, and a V shaped recovery, despite the claims of Harris that this is the worst President in American History.

    If you didn't see it, you didn't miss much. There was not enough time given to really defend from the lies, beyond denying them, which is unfortunate, because even I could have shredded each one from my armchair at home, but it takes time.

    The moderator was obviously a liberal bais one, but I thought she did much better than Wallace, and I also thought both of the candidates stretched time limits, but not too far and were fairly composed.

    I think Trump was not at his top form in the first debate, But he gets another chance on the 15th.

    Hopefully the moderator will ask some questions that Conservatives want asked, like the fact that Biden Family was indisputedly collecting millions of dollars from China, Ukraine, and other Nation States during Bidens term, for basically doing nothing, which is a red flag.

    And that Biden quashed investigations into his sons activity in exchange for a multi-million dollar deal with Ukraine, and also ignored his own State Departments concerns about the appearances of fraud and conflicts of interest regarding what looks an awful lot like pay for play and money laundering thru various Companies and family members.

    They don't shy away about asking about the Presidents LEGAL tax issues. Why can't we focus on Bidens lies about his own families dealings with foreign Nation States?

    And how about Harris's own words implicating Joe Biden with racism and saying that she believed his sexual assault accuser. If the tables were turned, those would be questions in debates for Trump.

    Notice she did NOT answer many questions including if she would pack the court. Of course we can assume by her dodging that she is completely in agreement with her parties solution to losing at the ballot boxes, and suffering thru what Conservatives have suffered for a generations, a court that does not align with your party. In their case, they want activist judges.

    In our case we simply want JUDGES, because regardless of religion or party, a competent NON activist judge from either side should decide Constitutional law the same way for the same reasons. Only activist liberal judges go against the rule of law to further an agenda that cannot be legislated representatively. The words ACTIVIST and JUDGE should never be side by side. ALL good judges are conservative by definition. They interpret the law. That is their job. Not to change it or push it.

    Those progressive goals must be determined in Congress, not the court. Otherwise we do not have a representative government, but a judicial Oligarchy.


  6. Nuked Harris from Orbit. Dude it sounds like you stole this hyperbolic phrasing from The Next News Network. I remember when you first started doing it. Maybe not stole, more so acquired.

  7. I started liking Pence a while back. He reminds me of how the majority of men carried themselves in the 40s and 50s. Quiet, punctual, considerate. All until someone stomped on their beliefs or those they cared about, then they would swiftly f#@$ that person's world up. It seems Pence doesn't play games, directly makes his point, and says what means. Lol Pence is a badass. I wish he was the one running for President. Could you imagine that man in office? ?
    He'd take one glance at the Left's bullshit and would be like DENIED and then he'd finally see to them being prosecuted for treason. Oh well… We can still dream.

  8. It reminds me of Mantis and Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 where Mantis smiles in an unnerving manner. "What are you doing?" "Smiling, I heard it is the thing to do to make people like you" "not when you do it like that"

    They are unlikable people doing an impression of a likeable person and not very well.

  9. Dude, kamala spent all her time trying to appeal to our emotions…while her body language gave the opposite message. Smiling while she talks about that family whose daughter passed away? Like, WTF? I seriously think she is a sociopath, & if Biden wins, his dementia will have her as president within the first two years. Eff that, man.

  10. Tim is shocked at her laughing, she was laughing when she was fantasizing about the idea of locking parents up if their kids didn't go to school. She's a dangerous woman and people need to make sure she NEVER gets power. She is evil.

  11. Our enemies don’t make special allowances for women, and IN FACT NO ONE SHOULD TREAT DIFFERENTLY! If Dems want special treatment because she’s a woman, THEY ARE SAYING THAT WOMEN AREN’T EQUAL TO MEN and that HURTS WOMEN

  12. I don't know what debate you watched but Pence did not nuke anybody. You could be wrong?
    You are wrong. Not to mention Pence is so lame and that matters

  13. Feminists call it sexist for a woman to smile, yet call you sexist for asking why they laugh instead of doing their job.
    If Harris did this shit while VP to foreign nations, they'd be plotting her death with literally everyone in a 500 mile radius.
    Also, if KH cannot keep with VP Mike Pence, because he's a white man, then why should we ever allow a non-White Democrat into authority, or power?
    Oh right, wasn't it the Left that kept saying, "We need a white man, because nobody else can challenge Trump!"?

  14. I feel that "smile" is reminiscent of botox treatments tightening the skin and muscles. That's just me. She can do botox if she wants i don't care what she does to herself, but that is my theory of why she has this creepy "grin"