Mike Pence vs Kamala Harris VP Debate Analysis

Smarmy Kamala lies repeatedly and Pence does a lot better than Trump.


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  1. Ha haha he repeated the samething over and over how is that a win. It’s like a child repeating what they want over and over. I’m not for either of them but pence lost hands down

  2. The moderator was better than the last, but she still cut Pence off earlier than Kamala during the debate. I loved how Pence did the "classy" move and keep talking even when she was interrupting.

  3. Vote for President Trump , He is the best President ever ! ?? He's made our country great again , And he will again , If you go vote for President Trump . ??

  4. The moderator was definitely better than Chris Wallace, but far from perfect. She cut off Pence earlier, and one time even blatantly did so for no other reason than him trying to bring up Kamala's record as a prosecutor.

  5. I thought Harris did pretty well, except that, well, she's phoney and snarky and I'm sure she's been told that doesn't come across well, except to those who throw their heads back and scream at the sky.

  6. the moderator didnt do too poorly but there was some implicate bias… but it wasn't so nauseating that i couldn't watch. So yeah she did well.

  7. Pence was a governor. Elected by the people. He knows a thing or two about governing. Harris not so much. Wobbly Joe is gonna need a vp who can do his job on day one. She's not it.

  8. Shouldn’t ADA cover pre existence of conditions in a way no different than it regulates the necessity of a ramp to reach a porch for those wheelchair bound?

  9. The high school girl analogy is spot on. I likened it to a girl in a clique. In spite of the fact that a debate is a show, she couldn't keep her demeanor in check. NO one in their right mind can envision this creature as POTUS.

  10. I could look at Hillary Clintons face and listen to her speak without wanting to punch her in the face. But Kamala Harris…. shake your head again woman I swear…

  11. For those of you who were a little confused like I was, the "A.C.A." means "Affordable Care Act". I know it takes some memory to recall what "Obamacare" is really called, because we have been calling it Obamacare for ten years!