Mike Pompeo and the CIA Considered Assassinating Julian Assange

Talk about a stunning indictment of the war on Wikileaks:


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  1. Pompeii denies he was involved, and seeing how the deep state did everything they could to undermine him as Secretary of State I dontdoubt it. You need to watch the speech at hillsdale college , where he denies wanting to kill Assange.

  2. everyday I find out the government is slightly more incompetent then I thought it was. you assassinate the target before they are a problem, not after. Assange can be thought of as the jumbo tron at a foot ball stadium. you don't want your wife to see you kissing your mistress, one day you skip work to go see the game with your misstress, your coworkers that are pissed off at you and have to cover your shift, they put your name in for the kiss cam jumbo tron, and call your wife to watch the game. so who do you blame your self for your incompetence, No. your coworkers that you have to keep working with,No. Your mistriss, No. Your wife, No. with no with in your community to blame. You blame the outsider the Jumbo tron. because to blame anything else would ask some hard questions. what does Assange really do but repost what's given to him.

  3. I don't believe a word of the article. I reckon the Trump regime was providing Assange with protective custody, The Deep State definitely wants Assange dead and he must know stuff that can be used against the DS.

  4. Operation Northwoods. The Pentagon planned a false flag operation where they would murder innocent civilians in order to start a war with Cuba. JFK squashed it. JFK was not responsible for the plan, the Pentagon was.

  5. Wow, I can’t believe you are swallowing this one!? Consider the source, Yahoo news!? The same writer that pushed the Russian piss story!? Death to the central bankers!

  6. So if this action would have been authorized, then how about a msm news item, how about a congressional staff member that leaks or a FBI source that leaks?
    We do not exicute foreign Intel agents, so justify the differance.
    He did not turn the info over to a foreign power but published it to public, just like "news" does.

  7. Thinking about this, it shows that many individuals in Goverment are out of control, most are non elected, rather political appointees, or quota hire fed service employees.
    When you look at all federal agency employees, by numbers and "power" positions, there are bound to be a number of folk with the issues of mental pathology, ie… Psychosis etc.
    How many hide in their offices, but put out papers or advise some total crazy actions.

  8. when did this happen supposedly? Pompeo was director of the CIA Jan 2017 to Apr 2018 ..
    legacy media is only reporting on this to make Trump look bad, so how does that corroborate anything?

  9. could be why Pompeo moved from the CIA to the state dept; at state, he could schedule the assassinations they at the CIA could only dream about, legally. argument in favor of civilian control of the ex-military. sucks as a strategy. do unto others as you would have them do unto you. sure, let's exchange murders. yipee! or maybe, give due process of law a try, its long slow boring, can you stand the wait, CIA lynch mob ?

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