Mike Pompeo Summoned to Testify over CIA SPYING on Assange

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. I asked my local member what the Labour Party (Albanese)would do for Julian Assange if elected. I don't think she knew who I was talking about. Assange is stuffed

  3. In defence of Aus. public position on Assange – As you were saying, the U.S admin. does not feel shame. Therefore shaming U.S admin over Assange would only get their backs up further. I trust Wong and Albanese to be diplomatic and hope that they can negotiate with the U.S effectively. They are diplomats not journalists.
    Mick from Oz

  4. That means the Aussie PM has no cojones. Sounds like a groveling wuss. A toady. Someone obedient to the American Empire, who will willingly get OZ into war with China.

  5. Australia is a slave to Raytheon. The current AEC (election commission) director Tom Rogers is ex-raytheon. Exposing war crimes ruins their business model.

  6. Penny Wong is saying that the new government is just as useless as the old government. I'm an Australian and ashamed and embarrassed by this.

  7. As an Australian I am with you Richard. This government is as neoliberal and America focussed as the last, but are more subtle about it. I did my best to make sure there was no majority in government so they would have to work in coalition with people who were less ideological, but sadly our preferences helped them much more than we hoped.

  8. Please don’t add all Americans into what you say about the situation with Pompeo. Many of us really want the truth and the truth has been hard to find. We’re sick of the BS also. Our government is ridiculous right now. Sick.. Many of us just want the truth we don’t like lies.

  9. they labeled assange a threat to national security ..mainstream media echoed it ,some saying he should be killed ..the man is a damn hero who should have never been locked up ..this world does not make any since at all..the man showed us all video footage of american soldiers killing unarmed civilians in cold blooded murder yet hes locked up while the ones who did it walk free among us ..yet washington screams about human rights an war crimes ..yet hide there own an lock up journalists who show it ..i think its time for the american people to take back there government an make them accountable for the bs they have caused world wide .

  10. The prime minister may be right in saying that not all foreign affairs should be done with a loudhailer, but I would have liked him to make a statement of support for freeing Julian Assange.

  11. Australian government will not act independently of England on an issue of significance such as this. Sad but true. It tells you how important Assange is. No nation government under the umbrella of the empire can stop them from persecuting this hero. Let’s say that one disagrees with that concept and believes that Australia is a sovereign nation. Nuclear Submarines, advanced weapons and promised protection from China are very valuable to Australia and the Crown right now. They would do ugly things in exchange for that.

  12. Thank you for covering this. UK is still in WWII "ally" mode and both.US and the allies omit to publicize the role that Russian/Soviet forces played when they liberated the Jews in Nazi death camps.

  13. Yes they have much more than mere war crimes disclosure to think about. Like subverting democracies around the globe, regime change to take over a country's resources, establish global surveillance under cover of WHO and one epidemic after the other that they release (never know which black or Indian or Iranian or Chinese may survive due to natural immunity). Since 1948 and the International Trade organization they proposed to countries emerging out of European colonization, their main concern has been grabbing limited world resources ( a la Limits to Growth report of the Club of Rome, 1972) and therefore.aiding inept, unrepresentative and pliant, US- friendly governments worldwide – even in the one they first threw the atom bombs on!

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