Mike Tyson Spotted In Wheelchair Says He Was Forced To Take Fauci Sauce


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  1. Another case that proves the shots had triple doses in each single "dose." Anyone should handle a little immune deficiency but if overwhelmed will turn you into a vegetable.

  2. Mike Tyson should have stayed home like the rest of us. I would have loved to have travelled the world that I wasn't putting my health at risk and taking experimental vaccines unlike Him and now he wants a sympathy

  3. I used to get PayPerView Mike Tyson Fights! We would pay $50 to watch him! I remember watching him bite the ear off Evander Holyfield!! We would get a bunch of beer & snacks & have a party on Tyson Fight Nights!! He is the GOAT of Boxing! 🥊 FJB!! F Fauci! Fauci for Prison!!

  4. My Father in Law took the jab while he was recovering after spinal surgery. He immediately went downhill and couldn't walk or speak properly. No one knew what was going until the all of a sudden his doctors said he had Lou Gehrig's disease. This was out of nowhere as none of medical staff "caring for him" had ever suspected he had this condition, not even his neurosurgeon. Imagine that, treating a 74 year old man over a couple of years up to and including surgery on his spine and not once finding anything that suggested ALS. Then the shot, 2 months later the diagnosis and 2 months after that he was dead.

  5. The pressure for famous people to toe the line for the jews must be tremendous. I can turn off all tech, walk in the woods, pack my bags and go anywhere I want. I pray there is a Hell.

  6. I’m so glad I made myself and my family fight against the resistance and we made it the govt can’t force you to put shit in your body that should not be there ! Fuck fauci and pedo Pete

  7. Spot on…I took the jab cuz my daughter had a baby and was brainwashed…I didn’t want it..I always said the govt wants less people especially guys like me 67 retired..Well I was hospitalized after 1 maderna shot…10 days in hospital..tounge swollen severe Bell’s palsy…I had a terrible reaction year and half later still partial paralyzed right side of face…it’s real folks …there are many I learned from my neurologist who have had issues…they truly wanted to steal an election under all this and at same time we we’re Guinea pigs…Since when does the govt care about us..really?…The shot has really ruined my life and I tried legal action it’s a joke …they made sure they protected themselves…great post……forget these bs jabs …

  8. No jabs ……. still no Covid ……. while being in a house with a wife and 2 kids fully vaxed (3x) and all had Covid …….. I have to live in the same house with them and serve them while they had it ! Also my wife had a sever reaction to number 3 Phizer shot , and was in hospital on Oxy's (endone) which in Australia is rare…. i know they gave them out like tictaks in the US , but not here…………..
    Why TF have i not got it yet? ……… serious Question …. ive been in almost constant exposure since March !!! [ so, in March(wife) then May(daughter) then July (son) ]

  9. I would have refused it. For starters, you have had a successful career and you're worth a ton of money. So, assuming money is an important factor for you… You have already made it to that point! Why risk your life over some bs that the Demoncrap party came up with? (The vaccine as well as the virus THEY MADE)

  10. What about the cannabis that he promoted in recent years? Are there side effects? There is processing involved in getting those products to market. Maybe they are not as beneficial as we have been told?

  11. My youngest daughter quit her nursing home job as a manager/RN over dementia patients because she wouldn't take the jab.
    Got another job where didn't need to get it.

  12. My Mother did everything to force me to take the Vaccine. I refused, I was willing to never see her again. She is so brainwashed she's a lost soul. She's a nominal Christian. Not awakened not red pilled, now she has terrible health problems probably because of that vaccine she so wanted to force me to take and manipulated me to take.

  13. Pure blood here, and so proud of how I dodged all the crazy MFs.
    Dude I had to bs my way around telling many $hitheads that I took the shoot just to get them off my @$$, insane persistent morons, JesusChrist…!

  14. I am thankful to work for a company which did not embrace this BS full on. During the time before Biden's deep state unconstitutional OSHA vaccine mandate was rightfully struck down by SCOTUS, they allowed non-vaccinated people to continue working from home and nobody would be allowed to enter an office without providing proof of the jab. After the SCOTUS ruling, they lifted the proof of vaxx requirement.

  15. Vaxxs, wars, chemtrails, 5G, poisoned food have their own "mission"in a bigger war.On the other hand, they all are false flag operations. The real and ultimate battle is on our souls. They need that energy to survive. Free will is the key. Everybody will live in the reality they created.

  16. It's probably better not to travel… They declined my medical exemption, then they declined my religious exemption here at UCLA, then over the phone they said to me, "You don't have to do any medical procedure that you don't want to do."… and I've heard nothing since. So that was that. I just remember the first days of this whole thing, and the nurses at the door to the cafeteria at the medical center giving me a temperature check, with that little laser on the forehead.. and I looked at them in the eyes with concern, and they both looked down with only what I can describe as great shame, knowing shame, as they said, "You're free to come in.." That's when I knew that something was up… other than the numbers infected winks that came through my area… probably meant for others, but I'm a numbers kind of guy… degree in number theory… so I saw the messages in the "daily numbers of infected" and "daily number of deaths"…

  17. Greatest comeback of all time was when Mike was asked by a reporter that the opponent had a “Plan” to beat him.
    Mike replied, “everybody has a plan till day get hit”!

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