Military deployed as 1000 cases in aged care facilities hit by COVID-19 outbreaks

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  1. The more the gruberment and the msm go on about this now the more people their waking up! Most of us have had the sniffles now and have gotten over it no probs and that's without the jabaroo! We know it's bull 💩 every time the propaganda spews now it's reinforcing our stance to non compliance.

  2. "You WILL take your medicine no matter what and at the end of each sentence say YES SIR!!!!" Replied the commanding officer.
    Meanwhile anyone that would like to fly in fully vaccinated against COVID 19 and bring in the latest variants and potentially have a whole host of problems due to the vaccine (for which are called side effects, I prefer to call them direct effects), come on in!!!!!! As for the newest variants well we'll let them all come on in too, for which no one on planet Earth is vaccinated against and the authorities know this. Never mind the latest news and advertising!!!
    May all people on planet Earth know there's more potential hurt being done to the young and old's immune, cardiovascular and a whole host of other important systems. Before they occur due to any current mRNA vacancies. That an untested vaccine given for a new variant can still makes a person sick and they can even die from the new variant and or vaccine.
    To all the people in such medical authority government's and especially Klausy and Bill. No thanks SIR and or MADAM!!!!!!

  3. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Albert Einstein, lot of age care workers have different careers now . So do nurses,doctors, ambo and police . Well done goverment

  4. You bought this on us all and our elderly with

    fake science a fake vaccine this is the consequence suck it up try cutting the crap come clean tell the truth it’s all coming out anyway ….. you ( all political leaders ) in Australia are totally untrustworthy as is the press stop trying to scare & damage further peoples lives this outcome was all predicted by truthful genuine medical & scientific ( Drs a paltry few unfortunately not corrupted ) few who were not bribed & seduced by the agenda

  5. We used to call pneumonia the old man's friend. Why? Because it put an old person out of his or her misery. Aged care is not living; it is worse than hell. There are many things in life worse than death. Dementia and aged care are just two examples. Seriously, I have my mother in aged care, and I cannot bear watching her wither away slowly and torturously from dementia and other aging illnesses. It's beyond a nightmare. If she were to get covid and be put our of her misery, I would not see this as a tragedy. We all have to pass away one day. This is simply a fact. I'd rather go peacefully and quickly, rather than painfully and slowly.

  6. What a load of manure! Thousands of cases based on what exactly?…A PCR test that produces 97% false + results? More fear mongering lies & propaganda.
    Let’s just see how many athletes that have been [redacted] keel over 💀!

  7. ‘Troops in age-care’ doesn’t make any reasonable sense. My brain just blew a fuse trying to process those words. Sounds more like an off the wall South Park plot!

  8. That'd be the 'safe and effective' vaccines working their magic…. Army in aged care facilities…..right…..Isnt this how the whole mess started in your country the last time? Groundhog Day for Australia?

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