Military Encounters with UFOs Are More Common Than You Know

Taken from JRE #1361 w/Cmdr. David Fravor:


Written by JRE Clips


  1. It’s tragic there are so many fu#k wits commenting on this channel…. not a good look for Joe’s audience… be great to be able to send ALL off-topic comments DIRECTLY to the bottom OF THE LIST, so you could read real, decent, informative commentary… rather than retard BS from these dopes trying to be comedians. Just saying…

  2. What if these are future humans visiting us?? Anyone think of that? Far in the future, perhaps humans discover and harness higher dimensions. Or maybe a super AI in the same scenario. I’m curious if gravity is the key to the higher dimensions, or the the first step towards, regardless I truly believe it is a factor.

  3. So these aliens have sufficient technology to traverse light years of space to reach us, but can't completely hide their presence from our primitive technology and move slow enough to be "Pursued" and captured on camera by our aircraft? Seems legit.

  4. This guy always talks about how awesome and capable the radars are. We have the F22 raptor which looks like a bumblebee on radar. You'd think the aliens would be able to avoid the 60-70 people looking at them clear as day on radar. I'm selling a bridge for a dollar…

  5. Some might say that these sighting are secret technology
    of our enemies (China and/or Russia) but if they had
    something like this they would have used it to conquer
    us a long time ago.

  6. This is so frustrating because I've known how to create that technology for about eighteen years. Come on, people! We're waiting for you to wake up!! All I need is a laboratory and the proper resources. Please, if we all learn, then someone with money will make it.

  7. I'm so confused as to why a military force is reacting with awe and laughter. Why wasn't their response defensive and aggressive? Might be a military stereotype, I know, but I would think they'd be much more defensive about the whole thing and if anything, hide any amusement (which I know, isn't actually amusement, it's wonder/disbelief/confusion). Any thoughts?

  8. Lol i spit my drink out in laughter when after we watched that clip of the "tic tac" UFO navy radar footage, my medical cannabis smoking friend blurts out "no mystery to it, its just Elon Musk flying around in some crazy contraption he created w robots in his basement lab" LOLOL