Military Has Begun Sending COVID Suspects In AU To Camps, RIOTS Erupt In EU Over Vaccine Mandates

Military Has Begun Sending COVID Suspects In AU To Camps, RIOTS Erupt In EU Over Vaccine Mandates. While many claimed this would never happen, 38 people were taken by army vehicle and transported to the quarantine facility at howard springs.

In the US Fauci says we may need boosters every 6 months

In Europe riots have erupted all over as lockdowns become more and more intense.

It can happen here and we are getting closer


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. This particular peanut is the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory which is controlled from Canberra.
    He's a Labor (Democrat equiv) man and a complete nut.
    He's most likely talking about the Army going out to VERY isolated Aboriginal communities to collect Covid cases and bring them to the treatment centre. There are NO medical facilities in most of these isolated places.
    The NT is about 500,000 sq miles in area and has a population of about 1/4 million.
    The Howard Springs facility was used as a two week stay for Australians and others returning to Australia as a quarantine measure to make sure they didn't bring Covid back to Australia.
    Leftist governments in Australia ALWAYS overreact, just like Melbourne.

  2. Regarding Australians applauding this development… How is it possible that Gorge Lucas had such a good political insight? When in the prequels wrote the line: "And this is how the liberty dies. With a thunderous applause", did he get that line from some historical book, or did he just know that this is how it works? How come that a Hollywood writer had a similar insight into this dark topic as the likes of Orwell?

  3. Doing the opposite of what Fauci says is a safe bet given his track record. Im betting that the Australians wish they had not given up their guns…they NEED them now.

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