Military’s Covid Vaccine Mandate To Be DROPPED Under NDAA, White House Calls Decision ‘A Mistake’

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss Congress’ decision to use the National Defense Authorization Act to repeal the U.S. military’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate. #Covid #military #vaccine

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  1. It's clear by now that Covid and vaccines are all about money, a money-making scheme by Big Pharma, mainstream media, big techs, and most governments on the planet. I'm glad that the present government of my country is not as foolish or corrupt and shameless as the Biden government of America.

  2. The biggest issue with continuing the mandate in the armed forces is that 18-45 is the key demographic of the armed forces, and according to the information released both by these companies and the CDC/WHO the rare side effects of the vaccine are actually a greater risk than the virus itself is for this age group. While a civilian can probably continue working, while using medication to help regulate the heart conditions which are proven at this time to effect roughly .1% of those vaccinated, the same cannot be said for troops that may face combat conditions which would seriously stress that weakened heart tissue.

  3. You should do a piece on the NYC public sector mandate and the public schools mandate. Parents aren't allowed to enter school buildings without a covid vaccine. The will not allow for parent exemptions or a negative test. This place is like a liberal prison!

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  5. Isn’t there a lot of vaccines that military have to get all the time? Why draw the line at this one? BJG made a great point about the yellow fever vaccine. When I leave to another country I have required vaccinations so why is this different? Just asking

  6. You know what I haven't worried around since mid 2020, "The Cough".
    You know who doesn't have to worry about "The Cough", young healthy people like those in the military.

    And of course the Biden admin say it's a mistake because they want complete control of you. Why do you think they also want to take law abiding citizen's guns away and censor their speech!!

  7. These men are extremely fit.. peak condition why take the risk… we know now there are life threatening side effects for some people that take this vax. Plus unlike many other vax, It doesn’t prevent yu from getting IT

  8. Plenty of evidence the vax created the variants, just like excess use of antibiotics created antibiotic resistant strains… forcing everyone to take it was such a naive idea, only benefiting the creators and not the users.

  9. The Government was paid to have the military stuck. We have a profit driven Government!
    It seems that citizens with Lobbyist can be heard over those that can't afford them.
    Look at how many angles the Government used to mandate the short term treatment for COVID! Treatments are WAY MORE profitable to the rich than Cures! They are NOT trying to help us, they are trying to help themselves!

  10. The goal was to inoculate the entire globe and it never made sense when it doesn't stop you from catching it or spreading it. That's why these corporate and military mandates make no sense. It's only about money and Big Pharma profiting from government contracts.

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