militry tanks

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  1. I hope rest of the world that is not Nato will come together and set any religious differencies aside and all the rest of Bs and finally oppose industrial militaty complex , world will be a better place without psychopaths constantly waging wars and revolutions . US history began with genocide of native american – Indians and it just carries on killing hundereds of thousands , don't forget Nuke japan….in my eyes you deserve the nuke in return for that , japan would capitulate anyway but no , you decided to do it….list goes on and on and on….US needs to be removed as a militaty power , we don't need world policeman that work under the influence of drugs and extremely violent and of a double faced lieibg nature.

  2. Strongly criticizing the unilateral military intervention of Russia in Ukraine ,Comrade Provash Ghosh ,General Secretary of Socialist Unity Centre of India(communist) ,issued following statement:

    '' We strongly condemn imperialist Russia's military invasion of Ukraine,in the name of 'A special Military Operation'. As US imperialist led NATO extended its sphere of control over most of the East European countries, Russia as a contending power in its bid to bring Ukraine under its domination has launched this aggression.

    conflict on domination between Russian imperialism and US imperialism created this war situation which is endangering the world peace.

    Moreover, being faced with unprecedented crises of unemployment, retrenchment, poverty and rising peoples' outbursts of movements these imperialists powers are escalating war, war tension and national chauvinism to divert peoples' attention.

    We demand that Russian Government must stop this aggression immediately and call upon the people of the whole world to raise there voice against this aggression.''

    This statement was issued by SUCI(C), a communist party in India.

  3. honestly its hard to capture how fucking terrifying that actually is, a machine thats designed to kill can wipe whatever they want in seconds is driving through your neighborhood

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