Millions in housing stress #housingstress

#realestate #housingmarket #heisesays
Millions of Australians are facing housing and rental stress.


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  1. Ahh , well … more houses for Blackrock & Vanguard to buy up for cheap once the banks foreclose on the borrowers !!


  2. Pffffft, learn to code 😂
    Soz dark humour, I feel for those in housing stress 😕
    I’m lucky that I grew up poor and have always been very wary of my family’s security. Be it our home, our finances or even just having a few stockpiles of food. So my income and job is depression proof and I have a very small mortgage. We chose affordability over everything else, so my mortgage is only 15% of after tax income.
    I will be in a position that help my family but not much else.
    God speed everyone, I prey you all manage what’s coming ok.

  3. Morgage rate at 17% & a recession that we had to have. We lived within our means. Stop talking shit Heiss it was tough times. We understood delayed gratification.

  4. I’ve started car pooling to work with my colleagues. The conversation is a little dry compared to my podcasts but with current fuel prices the cost of the trip from Newcastle to Shitney for work is starting to bite.

  5. people are suffering rental stress now and the fed has only just started raising rates next one is going to be 1 point this is going to get pretty bad very fast for home owners i dont like the look of where this is headed.

  6. the financial system is broken, since the mid 20th century we have had unimaginable technological progress and despite avg global productivity per capita sky rocketing since, we seem to be working more… we should have more wealth/ purchasing power and only be working like a 3 day week, ask yourself why is this not the case

  7. oh no the S T O N K market will crash.

    People who over extended themselves will be feeling the squeeze. As for everyone one else carry on as normal, go to work and pay those bills etc.

  8. In 2021 I got a 30 year fixed morgage at 1% rente, Im so happy about that move now.
    I live in Denmark and the fixed morgage like mine is now 4% ang close to 5%, I know our system is different from most others but Im happy.

  9. Increased petrol, rents, rates, water, electricity, gas,food,mortgages = inflation.

    However thank goodness this tax time people on the average income of 80000 or more will get 2000 to 11000 more in there had at tax time. That should pump money into economy and drive up interest rates more.

    Its just to bad for all thoes essential workers that earn less then the average income or even half of it. And devestating for old age pensioner, students, single parents, unemployed, people with disabilities and the bankrupt.

    The govenment is going to have no choice but to take Austerity messures on the govenment workers, police, fire, ambulance, council workers, unless they increase taxes. Big debt to pay with interest rates increasing = less money to spend… THE DEPRESION WE HAVE TO HAVE.

    Once things correct then we can get back to a better monetary system that works and the gravey train ride will return to something more deserving.

  10. Don't worry guys. Canada is already prepping for MONEYKEY POX narrative and quarantine. All will get free stimulus cheques soon. Just get your booster shot and be double masked.

  11. my understanding is that if the US Feds raise rates this week and then again in July……it will crush the Aussie dollar. To defend the Aus Dollar the Aussie Feds will have to raise their rates too, to stay inline with the US dollar and global rates….meaning the Aussie Housing market will have to be sacrificed in order to save the Aussie dollar. If not, 100's of billions of Aussie dollars will flow out of Australia into US bonds and Euro capital markets for hire returns. In other words Aussie Housing Market is going collapse.

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