Protest at Hyde Park, Sydney 27th Nov 2021

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Written by Joel Jammal


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  1. Thank you everyone for your support especially during this time while I've been sick. The team have continued to work while I've been out of action and that's thanks to the support that you contribute to ๐Ÿ™

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  2. The corrupt bureaucrats are getting desperate. Look how unhinged they all appear (boofhead Elliot, bio-Hazzard, Gunner, Dictator Danโ€ฆ), and now they have come up with the Moronic variant right on schedule. We are winning.

  3. Look.. vaxxed or non vaxxed means nothing.. if you need to keep getting injections every few months to remain vaccinated.. obviously it doesn't work.. so just remain unvaxxed and let natural immunity sort it out.

  4. I was at the rally yesterday and it was huge…really well organised with a great stage and sound system. People from all walks of life , race and cultures , it was truly uplifting and gave me hope…there was talented musicians and many great speeches…I will be attending every protest I can to end the tyranny here in Australia…and I'm willing to die to regain freedom for my children and grandchildren.

  5. Interesting they're recording everyone for facial recognition. I expected this.
    They're treating these protestors as potential terrorists. We've got a lot of mess to clean up in this country, and its not the protestors.

  6. time for us to put the criminal governments and corporations behind bars . and remove all tyranical treacherous tyrants from our country no matter what position they hold we gave it to them . and now it's time to sack them

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