Millions more can receive housing grants

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I told you there is no political will to address housing affordability in Australia.


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  1. Dear Heise, you have an awesome informative channel here, pity you didn't do the equivalent research into those 2 jabs and the booster you're now experiencing.

  2. Small lenders, commonwealth bank and NAB are the only ones participating in this scheme. I wonder what sort of rubbish mortgage conditions you get subscribing to these government guarantees?

  3. it's not grants that are the issue it's the greedy builders taking on work that can't do and greedy realestate agents driving the house prices up.

    They need to fine builders that take on more than they can handle and up the tax on realestate agents so they have pay more tax on sale for higher houses.

    plus keep interest rates at a moderate level.

  4. I have been trying to get some building work done …. Ha,Ha….,Ha. Nobody wants to work for less than $5000 per week unless the work is so simple that I might as well do it myself.

  5. How Australia fixes problems – People have no house and sleeping in cars or tent = No worries mate Build an AFL stadium and get them an AFL team, Houses prices too high, rent increases leading to people being homeless and inflation at 7% = No worries mate Prop up the property bubble by bringing more people in, extending gov low supported house buying grant (when people can’t afford rates) and giving it to permanent residents too. High inflation killing Australia with housing being a massive inflation in last qtr = no worries mate let’s throw more money at it with scheme and immigration which will feed further into inflation and longer higher rates. Low rental available = no worries mate let’s tell everyone it’s low supply and there needs to be more high rise property ignoring no regulation of air bnb or non- australian citizens buying houses and leaving empty. They need to stop the political tokenism and follow Singapore. They just imposed large stamp duty for non citizens buying property.

  6. Australians keep thinking that the government will solve this problem. This has not worked at all in the last 40 years. But people keep thinking that the government will solve this problem!

  7. I noticed average home prices in Perth are half the Price of average home prices in Sydney. I'd also say, average houses in Perth, are twice as nice as average houses in Sydney.

  8. The Nation already struggling with 10 consecutive rate rises since May 2022 & Inflation robbing your wealth , buying & savings power . . How does perpetuating more debt fix the problem ? The answer Q.E to Oblivion to maintain legalised ponzu system. Time people self educate themselves financially.

  9. I thought you were gonna mention the fact that the news headline lied when they said millioms of people would benefit, when the scheme is only capped to 50,000 places😅

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