Taxpayers in QLD are footing hefty bills for fly-in doctors as desperation mounts to keep the health system afloat.

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  1. That story is bullshit, the dollar figures are hypothetical. How do I know this? It pays my bills.
    If only the deliberately false media reported the truth, about why the idiotic state Govt offers such high rates to get doctors into the remote, understaffed and undersupplied hospitals? How would working 14 hours each day in the hospital ED sound, then when you're trying to sleep, be constantly called by hysterical nurses who cannot manage after hours patients? So you get NO sleep? And be expected to make life or death decisions? Result… all the good GP's will not kill themselves to work there, and the price goes up, and still no takers. Blame the monster in "charge"of Qld. You are all being fed garbage by the incompetents you voted for.

  2. If people are depending on mainstream medical or harmaceuticals for their body they are totally screwed. It's time to get off those toxic meds and get into real holistic medicine.

  3. I'm not a doctor, but a nurse no longer in the system due to the you know what. I'm certainly not the only one. I would say there were also numerous doctors who also left.

  4. WA similar problems… we have apparently just had a horrible disease sweep the world and we spent millions, both well before, during and we will after.. just not on the things we need to. Kind of like say, going to war. You would invest in man power and training, before during and after. You would invest heavily in infrastructure, plant and equipment and you would make sure the system you were going to rely on worked.

  5. The flying doctors is likely less of a problem then the web doctors. Here in Canada they are finally cracking down on them softly. Basically they can be charged with malpractice if they don't diagnosis something. Here it's a big scam the doctors in some vacation spot or other countries charged are corrupt social health care as if they saw the person.

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