Millions Of Dollars WASTED Trying To Stop Kari Lake! CANT BE STOPPED!


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  1. If you want to slap Ultra MAGA on the badge then so be it. If it means morals, values, and aiming to keep this nation strong then so be it. I rather be called names then lie in the pit with the lions. You go Kari, I was born in Az and moved but still have family there and part of me just gained pride to see this happening out there.

  2. We the people will drain the swamp from the outside they stopped Trump from the inside so now we take over. With or without Trump….this is over and we are fed up with this shit in DC

  3. I mean ik the education system in Arizona is shit but , how hard is it to count votes , they are stalling this out so they can say hey look at these exact number of votes we just found in this country that put the looser rhino in office!!!! Man ppl are sick of this shit! Just announce her the winner so ppl can get on with life! I mean itsquitclear that if trump likes you your in like Flynn, and if not then go sit with the Democrats!!!!

    It called ULTRA. MAGA,. and we're coming for you country killing bastards cause you evil and money hungry shitbags ! And we're sick to death of paying for your shit!!!!!

  4. Why can't you say that the 2020 election was stolen? Stop pretending Trump lost. Stop pretending its just about unfair rules, when they stole the election through fraud. If you don't have the guts to tell the truth, get out of the way and let braver people than you take your place.

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