Mind Blowing Statistic On Ultra-Rich Getting EVEN RICHER While Millions Starve Worldwide

The pandemic has been devastating for nearly every demographic – every demographic except the ultra-rich, that is. According to Oxfam, the ten richest individuals on earth have seen their wealth more than double from $700 billion to $1.5 trillion since COVID struck. Meanwhile the ranks of the food insecure are also ballooning, with hundreds of millions around the globe experiencing acute hunger.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the insanity of a global economic system that would produce so many more of the ultra-rich while relegating so many millions to abject poverty.

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  1. "End World Hunger"… what does this mean? Feed everyone for a day? A week? A Month? All those people will create even MORE people. Thus the need for food increases. Ending world hunger is a dream like world peace. It will never exist while we are as we are.

  2. I want to see a chart that shows the increase in net worth of the global top 1% overlayed with a chart showing the the increase in global national debt. I wish I was smart enough to create it myself. My guess is the two charts would look similar. Wealth isn't being created. It is being printed by central banks around the world and distributed to the top.

  3. Middle class cannot unite because they lost they culture and they don’t have brain to unite and organize. They are selfish thinking they are part of elite if they have some small businesses or house. After poor they are next. Elites of this world will not keep them in the near future as a pets well fed. They are so stupid to realize all of this and know they have power in mass together with poor.

  4. let's see, mr. gates could end it. monarchy of england could end it. the rockthschilds coalition could end it. buffet, musk,, zebos. but no, it's up to the poor folks to figure this out and make sacrifices. rich people are a joke. capitalism is fine, but then you have the " competition is a sin " philosophy brimming from the fourth industrial ( reich ) revolution, so that we can save the world by eatin bugs, freezing to death, sterilizing ourselves and allowing experimental substances to be crammed into our bodies for our health. but, i guess that's how the wealthy became so…..wealthy, because they are so wise and know what's best, it's just evolution in action plebian, don't think, let us do that for you. yeesh

  5. Now you understand why the COVID response was so bafflingly horrible in the U.S. — COVID was (and is) a profit scheme. Other countries across the world — many of them part of the so-called "third world" — had a fraction of U.S. COVID cases & deaths. What is the common thread here? People in those countries didn't profit from the pandemic, and they also didn't have nearly as much impact from the disease. Math don't lie.

  6. Here is a headline you will never see: "Rich Hollywood liberals team up with rich Silicon Valley liberals to create a nation-wide chain of free clinics to bring universal healthcare to America"

  7. And this is what we should be uniting against- instead of letting identity politics be used to divert, divide and rule. A fairer more peaceful world, an end to the horrific inequality.

  8. "Ending world hunger" is a distribution problem blocked by the leadershit of many countries, who would merely divert it to their own pockets as usual. It is also not the province of this society

  9. From our highways to our nuclear power plants we are too corrupt to fix things. Money doesn't matter. It's the same kind of corruption where we lose a war to a country without an air force.

  10. No, Spitball, the US could not end world hunger. Even if they spent a trillion, how much of that money do you actually think would go to the hungry masses? As you like to say, Spitball, "who's being naive now Kay?" Wake the tfu, nothing will change because the majority of us scumbag humites are greedy, selfish scum.

  11. I brought this up at the start of the pandemic and that percentage wise this problem is way worse and totally unnecessary. Something like 20,000 people dead a day. The response was “yeah and I want world peace”. Followed by “think of others, think of the vulnerable..” who do you think those people are fucking hardon

  12. Hey a UN article says, the threat of hunger makes people strive to work harder, for less money, which enriches those who own the fields and factories. Ending world hunger would not be in the best interest of the wealthy. But they said that article was just satire…

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