Mind Your Language

We shouldn’t allow the Critical Race Theorists to command the conversation with their ideological terms.

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  1. When these people talk about whiteness let's not forget that these ideas are inheritly white from the Marxist professors, the institutions that pushing this and the corporations that are benefiting from allowing the small businesses to be destroyed.
    This isn't a war between race this a war between the powerful and the powerless.

  2. This is why multiculturalism doesn't work because all peoples want to have their own cultural heritages enforced and these cultures are mostly not compatible with each other or a 1st world civilization. It wasn't obvious in the past because the minority groups didn't have the numbers to start pushing and enforcing their own culture. Now that they do get ready for ethnic conflict, an ocean of blood, and the fall of your republic.

  3. Instead of using " Englishness " you use Americanism . This has nothing to do with England and America is much different then your country. Let's be very honest , England needs to stop thinking our politics is their playground. Stay in your lane ??

  4. Carl is 100% correct regarding subversion.
    These people want to manage your thought process, plain and simple.
    Never let anyone else make your mind for you…

  5. This white culture thing, has hurt my community so much, instead of the black community actually try to improve the living standard for us, have decided all the good things in life are white things and doing or becoming sucessful is being white, how can my community even improve if someone speaks more like "proper" they called white and being labled this and that.

  6. So close Carl, but you atheisms is showing. where does the English get their culture? from Christianity. Christianity is the culture they call "whiteness". Most Atheists, who have spend their entire lives and careers on bashing Christianity are now circling back and, without "ruining their careers", admitted that Christianity and Christian Values is not only a good thing but is the only thing that has keep the West stable. As more people turn away from Christianity, the worse things get.

    How's England doing these days?

  7. I don’t think English works as a replacement. I think British Enlightenment Culture. English leaves out Edmond Burke and other broadly speaking British liberal intellectuals

  8. My unpopular opinion is that maybe letting women vote is a move in the wrong direction. Our cultural decay is a move in the feminine direction. Masculine energy moves the world forward and gets things done. Women should not be slaves or objects but they don't seem to do well directing cultural progress.

  9. I don’t watch your videos anymore because you give the left more “credibility” by constantly commenting on them

    It boring and smacks of being a grifter.

    Maybe I’ll come back if you develop your own opinions

  10. “What do you think they think about the husband being the bread winner?”

    I'd be very surprised if this person doesn't think the food stamps are the bread winner.

  11. Ok so I haven’t watched the video yet, but that thumbnail is giving me an aneurism. Do these people think that only white cultures have nuclear families and that only white people value hard work???

  12. We could also say this is a "Western Culture" instead of a white culture, since folks can assimilate into western nations. Obviously nations with a high number of Europeans will be…highly European in expression of culture as well, "privileges" I guess

  13. If timeliness, cleanliness, family values, etc are akin to "whiteness", that doesn't really paint a favorable view for any alternative. It's almost as if the group hell bent against meritocracy are reaping their fruit of hiring based on color. Their ideas only stack up with low intelligence audiences.

  14. The chick? with the nipple tape looks like a raider from fallout 3, and i feel it’s appropriate to respond the same way to rioters as i do the raiders. A railway rifle vats assisted headshot to pin them to a wall 25 feet away. Then I’ll loot them for their bottle caps, and be on my merry way.