Mind Your Manners. Sony Is Listening.

Foul language and wrongthink?
Sony can’t let you do that, David.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. If you play on a playstation, just don't engage in voice chat. If everyone stops, and gameplay suffers because no one is communicating anymore it might send a message.
    Though I doubt anything would happen.

  2. With every console and phone manufacturer seemingly introducing more and more ways to eavesdrop and surveil their users, when does it stop, and where do those who want to avoid their prying eyes go?

  3. I have a ps4 but I’ve already decided to get an Xbox in the next generation cause of Sony censoring games especially cause I knew it wouldn’t end at just censoring games and wow I was right. I would love to build a new gaming pc but after a window 10 update killed my old one I’m done with using windows and until a new operating system starting competing with windows or more developers release games for more than just windows or there’s a work around I’m stuck using consoles until then but I definitely won’t be using Sony in the next generation. I’ll be buying an Xbox for the first time. At least they don’t censor games right now.

  4. Its a damn shame, especially since they also are removing the options to purchase PSvita games from their mobile web store making you have to buy the titles in question on the system's dead as dirt store where it STILL hasn't really been updated since 2016 and really makes my usage of the system rare. I recently played a full game on it for the first time in years and really felt that Sony just doesn't have faith in their own investments anymore, PS5 didnt need to exist as PS4 is still the console some Playstation fans currently use and since this pandemic has been the sole source of entertainment for folks like me as I dont have the finances to afford a PC, but Sony has been really making retarded decisions over the years and I am really starting to feel insulted on the things that are happening right now with them. Xbox lost my interest after the 360 ran its course and the only Xbox I use now is the original model from the early 2000s, if shit keeps getting worse at Sony I may end up just fully committing to investing into a PC because I am so tired of Sony's bullshit, worst mistake for them was setting their HQ in California and slowly being raked over the coals of Political Correctness making them spit on creative freedoms all for woke points. The last straw is the Vita crap since there are still games on it I have yet to play

  5. They peaked at PS3 (bought mine after the hack, thankfully, not like the government cared that my ID was hacked at some point after). CONsoles are literally that, without any consoling.

  6. This is certainly horrible, though I don't think that it's unique to Sony. All of Big Tech is engaging in data collection and they are all steering heavily into the policing of wrongthink, so I would bet any money that Microsoft is doing something similar. Sure you can run from Playstation, but Xbox and the vast majority of the PC market are controlled by Microsoft. So, at the end of the day, what's the difference? They are all watching you and they all want to get rich by controlling you. The same can be said about the smart-phone market, and the same can be said about the automobile market as well (do you honestly think that that giant GPS map on your dashboard can't record your trip and transmit it to who-knows-where?). All of these markets, and many others besides, need to see a concerted consumer-led push towards transparent open-source software development in order to cut out all the spyware.

  7. Well just do what I do and stay off line. I am a solo player and the only time I play online is for Souls like games. Even better put the mute in the mic.