Minneapolis man says black-owned businesses suffered in riots

Cory in North Minneapolis gives his views on the impact of the riots. Recorded July 1, 2020

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Written by M. Tracey


  1. "Mainly people from out of town"
    I had the feeling that the protestors who have been looting and/or defacing/pulling down statues are people who aren't even from that local area and simply don't care about the actual inhabitants. It's a globalised view of the world rather than a local one.

  2. Wait according to the wokerati the "black people" were mad about George Floyd and mostly peacefully burned down their own neighborhood…. Because antifa does not exist.. it was definitely not a bunch of rich white kids playing revolutionary

  3. North Western University kids playing revolutionaries aka the Wokerati who are getting their infotainment from the Twatterati.

  4. Most soldiers are recruited from poor and working class areas, they would be more in tune with the population in the less affluent parts of Minneapolis.

  5. Corey's all right. I know what he's saying.
    Once again… the honest people aren't part of this craziness. They are being hurt by it. The Jacobins aren't coming to save them. Thanks Michael.

  6. Mike great job again. Mainstream media news shows are nothing but a glorified entertainment variety show with anchors and "reporters" that have less personality than a contestant on the Price is Right

  7. Trump just yanked Covid money from anyone who has a police record. In other words Trump is going to rape every brown, red, yellow and black man and women who has suffered with Covid or lost their businesses.

  8. Does it matter whose business suffered? Isn't the whole point that people work their ass off to get businesses of the ground and someone comes and destroys that hard work in seconds..

  9. Been listening to some Project Pat lately and before some of his music he has talking going on with other ppl and it was a common theme throughout the conversation to say "you know what I'm saying" love it.